FIFA 19: Team Of The Knockout Stage Arrives Today – We Know That


In FIFA 19 , the “Team of the Tournament Knockout Stage” was announced. The promo starts today on Friday evening, the 19.4., And brings new special cards. We tell you what time it starts, what to expect and what predictions look like, who could make it into the team.

This is the “TOTKS”: The “Team of the Tournament Knockout Stage”, or “Team of the Knockout Stage” for short, consists of the best players of the past Champions League rounds.

It is similar to the “Team of the Group Stage” – players receive special cards that relate to their performance since the knockout stages. These cards not only bring improved values, also position changes are possible.

New Champions League tickets

At this time comes the TOTKS: The loading screen for Ultimate Team shows a countdown that expires on Friday evening at 19 o’clock. At this time the new event will start – everything as usual.

For most events, EA Sports will be releasing the new maps later in the day. It is quite possible that it will be clear at 4 pm who will be in the “Team of the Knockout Stage”.

We’ll keep you informed here!

Unusual time: That the TOTKS already appears now, seems a bit unusual. From this point of view, the knockout phase of the Champions League has not gone yet: the semi-finals and the final are still pending.

So it’s quite possible that another promo with Champions League connection awaits us at the end of the tournament.

How to get to the cards: Accurate information is not yet published, however, it is expected that most players will be available mainly in packs.

But as the new weekly goals come on Friday, it is quite possible that you – as well as recently – can play one or two players again .

TOTKS Predictions

The predictions for the TOTKS: Also for the “Team of the Knockout Stage” there are predictions, so predicting what the new squad might look like. Logically, players are in the lead here, whose teams are still in the competition. These are at this time: Ajax Amsterdam, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and FC Barcelona.

Among other things, the user “Tillian” at FUTWIZ has made the following predictions, which takes into account both Champions League and Euro League players:

Source: FUTWIZ

The extent to which these predictions apply, will show up at the latest on Friday evening.