Fortnite: Durrr Burger And Pizza Pit Call – How To Find Big Phones


In season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale will be in week 8 some creative challenges. In one you have to find huge phones and call both the store Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit. Find out where the phones are and how to dial the numbers.

That’s the job for the phones: One of the tasks from Week 8 of Season 8 requires you dial numbers on big phones. The two units are located west of Fatal Fields (Durr Burger) or east of The Block (Pizza Pit).

You have to go to the phones and dial the number there, which can be seen there.

First you have to find the Durr burger phone. Then you have to choose the number of the pizza stall in a new match.

The location of the phones on the map

Here you will find the telephone devices: The phones can be found at the following coordinates:

  • E-2: The pizza pit phone is in the jungle west of the entrance of the bay.
  • F-9: The phone for Durrr-Burger is in the ice biome on the hill at the transition to the green.

Where do I find the numbers to choose? This part is simple because the numbers you should choose are always in the middle of the phone. For security here again the exact numbers:

  • Pizza Pit: 555-0198
  • Durrr Burger: 555-0152

How do I dial the number? That too is easy in itself. You just have to hit the pick in the right order with the pickaxe.

Be careful when choosing: But be careful that you are alone and nobody can surprise you. Because with the hoe you are both defenseless against firearms and properly exposed.

Many a bad teammate could ambush you there and shoot you before you have finished the number.

Here is everything as a video: If you want to see the whole procedure like a video, here are two videos embedded for you. Have fun!

A list of all tasks from week 8 of Season 8 can be found here:

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