Fortnite Has A Secret Banner In Week 8 (S8), Not A Star Site


In week 8 of Season 8, Fortnite hid a secret banner and no star. So that you find this banner fast, we give you the place of discovery.

How do I get the banner? You will only get this secret banner once you have completed all the challenges of the week. If you have not done that, the banner will not appear.

Here you will find the secret star from week 8

Where is there a hint? When you have completed all the tasks of the week, you will get a new loading screen. There is always a clue to the banner.

This week, the loading screen looks like this:

The loading screen from week 8

Here’s the hint: If you look closely, you will see some coordinates on the left and right of the skin. These indicate where to look.

We have included an enlarged image of the coordinates here. These are C6, C7, B6, B7.

On the left and right you can see the coordinates

Here you have to search: In order to find the banner, you have to control exactly the interface of the 4 grid fields on the map. Right there is the banner.

The banner hides in the ice area of ​​the map

Video tutorial helps to find: So that you can not miss the banner, here we include a video. It shows the exact location of the banner.

Pay attention here: The location of the secret banner or star is always a popular place for campers. They lurk there and want to dust light kills. So pay attention to your surroundings.

What tasks do you have to complete? In order for you to have the chance to win the banner, you have to solve some tricky tasks. This includes dialing numbers on large phones and finding puzzle pieces .

A great overview of all tasks can be found in our hub for week 8: