Fortnite: Puzzle Pieces Under Bridges And Caves – Here You’ll Find Them


Week 8 of Season 8 in Fortnite lets you search for puzzle pieces. So you have to find a total of 7 pieces of a puzzle. We tell you where to look.

That’s the challenge: In Week 8, a quest is “Searching under bridges and in caves for puzzle pieces”. So that you do not have any problems, we show you the localities.

The puzzle pieces are distributed throughout the map. So you have to look under many bridges and in numerous caves.

Find the pieces for the puzzle here (Week 8)

Here you have to search: The following map shows all locations of the puzzle pieces. When you reach the places, you have to look around for the puzzle pieces, because they are sometimes really well hidden.

These 7 places bring you the puzzle pieces.

In these places you will find the parts: In order to make it even easier to search, we write here the locations of the puzzle pieces:

  • Location 1: Under the bridge west of Lucky Landing
  • Location 2: Under the bridge southwest of Paradise Palms
  • Location 3: In the cave northeast of Tilted Towers
  • Location 4: Under the bridge south of Shifty Shafts
  • Location 5: In the Jeti Cave west of Happy Hamlet
  • Location 6: Under the bridge in Tilted Towers (not a real bridge, but rather an underpass)
  • Location 7: In the underground of Shifty Shafts

So you have the exact locations, you can click here the pictures and see the places. When clicking the pictures are larger.

Under the bridge in Tilted Towers
Under the bridge south of Shifty Shafts
The Jeti Cave at Happy Hamlet
Under the bridge at Paradise Palms
Under the bridge at Lucky Landing
In the cave at Tilted Towers
In the underground of Shifty Shafts

So you complete the task: For you to complete the task, you just need to collect the 7 parts. After that, the challenge is considered passed.

You have to be careful about this: you will not be the only players looking for the puzzle pieces. So prepare yourself for enemies in these places.

Certainly some players will camp there and wait for you. So do not get caught.

Here is the Jeti Cave west of Happy Hamlet

This video helps: So that you have no problems in finding, we’ll include a video here. It shows you the exact places, so you do not have to search further.

What else is there for tasks? Week 8 is full of difficult tasks. So that you all exist, we have several guides for you:

  • You have to type two phone numbers on big phones
  • Look for a treasure map in Paradise Palms

If you want an overview of all tasks, you can find them here:

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