Fortnite: The Treasure Map Guide In Paradise Palms – Find The Star Here


In week 8 of Season 8 you should find a treasure map sign in Fortunex in Paradise Palms. This will show you an X on the map you should find. We’ll show you both places in the guide to complete the challenge quickly. The task is: Follow the treasure map guide from Paradise Palms.

What is this task? This challenge is divided into two small tasks. First you should look for a treasure map in Paradise Palms. It is attached to a sign and visible to every player.

Then the second part starts, which sends you to another part of the map. There you should find the X and then you can loot a star.

This type of treasure hunt is already known from the treasure map items that provide players with fat loot.

Here is the treasure map signpost in Paradise Palms

Here you should search: The map is located in the small settlement at Paradise Palms. There, where you will also find a skyscraper and many smaller buildings.

Attached between the buildings in front of a wall is the treasure map sign you need to find for the challenge.

What does the map look like? This is a brownish paper with an X mark. It is attached to two supports on a sign.

There was no marker on the map yet, but you can find it on this wall:

In the screenshot shown, the location is not yet visible. There will be recorded Frosty Flights with you. And that leads directly to the second part of the task.

Level 2: Here you will find the X in week 8 for Fortnite

Where should you search? After finding the X on the map, it is clear that you should now travel to the Snow Biome.

The searched X is there at the end of the runway in Frosty Flights. And there at the western end, not at the eastern end of the train. There you should also find the star.

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