Havana Will Be The New Card In Overwatch And You Can Test It Soon


Overwatch boss Jeff Kaplan confirmed in a stream that Havana will be the next card in Overwatch. She should even be “very soon” to play. Kaplan also revealed a few details about Havana.

What is Havana? Havana is the place where the current “storm” event of Overwatch takes place. There you chase after an omnic named Maximilien, who is to bring the Overwatch on the trail of Doomfist.

In the mission, Havana is a city of bright buildings and a huge rum distillery that you enter during the mission. Behind the still there is a gate waiting for you to escort a cargo.

What will Havana be for a card? Following the buildup of the “Stumzeichen” version and the things you need to do during the mission, analysts assume either a freight or a hybrid card. (via dotesports ).

  • With a freight card, you would need to carry cargo across the map from multiple points across the board
  • On a hybrid card, this freight would have to be unlocked by a checkpoint. As a hybrid card, Havana is more plausible, for two reasons:

The structure with the still is already like a checkpoint that unlocks the cargo.

The last hybrid card was Blizzard World, which was released about a year and a half ago .

Between the last hybrid card Blizazrd World and the upcoming Havana all other types of cards have already been released:

  • Rialto (freight)
  • Busan (checkpoint)
  • the newest map Paris (attack)

What changes to the “Sturmzeichen” version? Jeff Kaplan said in a stream with two streamers that Havana will change a bit. There are basically differences between the PvP and PvE variants.

So huge distilleries are part of the middle of the map. In addition, the time of day and weather are adjusted, for people who are not so much on the constant rain.

When can I play Havana? A specific date has not yet been mentioned. However, Jeff Kaplan said that Havana would be “very soon” to play on Overwatch’s PTR.

Are you looking forward to Havana?

Maybe Havana will get such great features as Paris: