Here Is The First Gameplay From Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter

The beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite launched in New Zealand. There is already diligently uploaded gameplay of the game. We show you a selection of them.

Here you can play Wizards Unite: So far, you can play the game of the Pokémon-GO-makers only in New Zealand .

In Germany you can indeed download the APK file, but any interactions can not be started here yet.

But to give you a taste of the game, let’s show you some of the gameplay of New Zealand players.

This is the gameplay of Wizards Unite

A video shows that there are already some videos on Wizards Unite on YouTube. Below we have a video for you, in which numerous features are briefly shown:

You can see how the player visits the so-called “Inns” to strengthen themselves. These places will certainly be called different in German, only there is no translation, because the game is only in English.

You also see several magical encounters that the player has to master. So he has to trace a spell with his finger, so that the spell is used effectively.

Throughout the gameplay you can hear the music you already know from the Harry Potter movies.

This is reminiscent of Pokémon GO: Everywhere on the map you can see special places to visit. This is very reminiscent of the image of Pokémon GO. There are also PokéStops and arenas everywhere.

This is how Wizards Unite’s map currently looks in New Zealand. Source: Reddit

When can we test in Germany? A beta for Germany was not announced at first. But it may well be that you can also test the game here soon.

The developers see this beta as a test phase, so that times can detect errors and fix them before the release. So they hope for feedback from the players.

If you still want to know details about the contents of the game, you can find them here: