Pokémon GO: That’s Why The Community Day With Flemmli Will Be A Real Highlight

Pokemon GO

The Pokémon GO Community Day in May was announced and this month could be a real highlight. We tell you why this event will be so worthwhile.

That’s why the Community Day will be worthwhile: First, there will be triple stardust, probably the best resource in the game. In addition Lohgock with the right attack becomes a really good fire attacker.

In May, you should definitely play, because the Community Day will be very useful.

So worthwhile is the Community Day in May

So good could be Lohgock: The final development of Flemmli will probably learn Lohekanonade. This attack has been learned by all fire starters so far. Hard to imagine that this will be different at Lohgock.

If Lohgock can learn this attack, then it would become the best fire attacker, at least in terms of damage per second.

From damage per second (DPS) Lohgock is at the top.

The disadvantage of Lohgock is its fragility. So it defeats much faster than its competitors, like Lavados or Entei. But it does more damage during that time.

Of course, the type of Lohgock is also a bit difficult. Fire Pokémon is rarely used effectively. You can rarely use Fire Pokémon against Raid bosses. If you still want to have a broad team, you should bet on Lohgock.

So good is the bonus on Community Day: Who does not want to have the best fire attacker but should at least exploit the triple star dust, because this is rare.

The Shinys are also always a reason to play on Community Day

Stardust is probably the most useful resource in the game. One can never have enough. If you play very effectively in the 3 hours, you can easily make over 250,000 stardust. It’s definitely worth it.

You can then use the dust right away to level up Lohgock. You can not invest stardust much better.

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