Rage 2 Does Not Follow A Games-as-a-service Model


Apparently there is some confusion about the ‘RAGE 2’ support plans, behind which some assume a Games-as-a-Service model. However, according to Bethesda, that is not the case, even if the game is still supported after the release.

This is once again clear to id Studio Director Tim Willits, who himself finds it somewhat difficult to place RAGE 2 in this regard. In an interview , Willits said :

“No [RAGE 2 is not a games-as-a-service], it will only be a supported game. I do not know, it’s so hard to … like someone has to have a perfect definition of what a “Games-as-a-Service” game actually is. Many people have different ideas about it, and I initially puzzled people when I talked about it. What we are planning to do is to post some updates and content for this game after the release. We monitor the game, we monitor the players, we act in the community, we will support it, we will update it. It is not a subscription or a free game. But it is supported. “

It probably comes down to a few DLC drops, which, as usual from Bethesda, can be a bit bigger. Originally, they even talked about events, which probably started the discussion about the Games-as-a-Service model.

RAGE 2 will be released next May.