Shiny Meltan Comes Back To Pokémon GO – But Not For Very Long

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO Shiny Meltan returns soon. This mysterious Pokémon has been gone for about a month, but soon it will be back for a short time.

When will Shiny Meltan come back? The dazzling form of the mysterious Pokémon comes back on April 24 at 10 pm. But then it will not be even two weeks until May 5 at 10 pm.

This is especially true of Meltan: This Pokémon you get only once from a special research, or from the Wunderbox. You get this box by exchanging a Pokémon with one of the Let’s Go games.

Everything you need to know about the return of Shiny Meltan

Where does the info come from? Serebii, a player in close contact with Niantic, has revealed this information. He confirmed Shiny Meltan for this period. There will certainly be an official announcement about the event.

Shiny Meltan returns to Pokémon GO

When did we last have the chance? Shiny Meltan has not been in the game for over a month now. On March 4 this year, the chance for Shiny Meltan disappeared.

Now the Shiny returns and anyone who does not have a dazzling Meltan has another chance at the special Pokémon.

How many boxes can I pick up during the event? The time to collect boxes has been reduced to 3 days. So you get the chance for a miracle box after exactly 3 days. Usually this period is 7 days.

In the event period, you have a total of 4 boxes that you can open. Per box are contained in about 20 Meltan. So you will not be able to click more than 80 Meltan.

This is what the Shinys of Meltan and Melmetal look like

How likely is Shiny Meltan? The probability of this Shiny is definitely higher than other shinys in the wild. Many players estimate the rate at about 1 in 40. So at 40 Meltan , the likelihood of a Shiny should be there.

How do I get Shiny Meltan? Anyone who has already completed the special research, gets Meltan only through the Wunderbox. But you need a Let’s GO game for the Nintendo Switch, or a friend with this game.

You then have to swap a Pokémon for the Switch and in return you will receive a Wonderbox. You can then use this box similar to smoke.

2 new Shinys could be waiting for us this weekend:

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