Supposedly, A New Superhero MMO In The Style Of Destiny Is In Planning


Geleakten According to documents, Warner Bros is to work on a live service game in the DC universe. According to the information, it could be a game about Suicide Squad and have similarities with the Destiny universe.

What kind of leak is that? On the 4Chan platform, a document has appeared that looks like official marketing material. It describes a new project by Warner Bros to play in the DC Universe and playfully resemble Destiny . It’s supposed to be an online multiplayer game with story.

Among other things, details on upcoming trailers and announcements are described, which will be published on June 4 already.

What do the documents say? According to the leaked material, the game will be announced on June 4 with a trailer. This is to show the villain R’as al Ghul along with other villains. The famous Batman opponent should be a time-exclusive raiding mission for pre-orderers.

Then a trailer to follow Gotham City, one of the playable areas. There will also be a video about Star City with the latest version of the hero Arrow. According to this information, the project could be a game around Suicide Squad.

How is the game described? The document reveals something about core gameplay, which will also be featured in a separate video. The core elements should be:

  • Teamwork
  • Character adaptation as in Mortal Kombat 11
  • struggle
  • Supers (as in the Destiny universe)
  • Loot

It’s supposed to be an online multiplayer game with different cities as hubs. There could be several storylines with different ways.

The Game Director of Rocksteady has already revealed that his studio is working on a new game. It should not be about Superman.

Is the leak credible? Whether the document is really genuine material is not clear. The fans and the Gamesradar site rely on the leaked document to look similar to the DC project, such as the leak that betrayed the work on Mortal Kombat 11.

In addition, Warner Bros is currently working on several projects in the DC universe. In addition, a game is to be created at Rocksteady, who could already make a name for themselves with the “Batman: Arkham” series.

The Kotaku reporter and industry insider Jason Schreier is said to have answered on Twitter to the question of whether it is Rocksteady’s latest project to a game Suicide Squad, that he would not betray it.

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