That’s Why The Cutest Feature Of Fortnite Does Not Suit Animal Lovers


A new feature from Fortnite: Battle Royale lets you interact with and pet the pets on your back. So at least the announcement of Epic. What is finally seen in the game looks very different.

What should the new feature do? Anyone who has carefully read the new Patch Notes for Update 8.40 should have noticed a small entry: “You can now pet the dog (and other pets).”

This refers to the cute little pets that have been in the game since season 6 as back parts. So far, the animals were only sitting in their basket on your back and behaved reactively to the situation.

With the update, you can pet the creature now, as you approach a Teammate from behind who has one.

Many animal lovers then happily logged into the game with their small pets and hoped for cute petting and cuddly animations.

Hey, what are you doing with my dog!?!

What are the animations in the game? But what you get to see when you approach with cuddly intentions an unsuspecting dog in the game, is disappointing for many animal lovers.

Because Epic has not given much trouble with the animations and seems to have simply used the standard door-open animation for caressing, according to many players.

So, with a bit of imagination, it looks like the dog is getting a juicy pipe when you do the cuddle animation.

This is how the players react: The association with beatings instead of pats was noticed by many players who make fun of Reddit :

  • “It looks like they’re clapping my dog!”
  • “I wish they had used a different stroking animation than opening it for the door. That’s what it looks like when you hit the dog! “
  • “A half-hearted attempt was made”
  • “They took the door open animation and now think what they did great!”

Jürgens Conclusion: In fact, the animation for animal caresses looks extremely borderline. So I would never deal with (m) an animal! Therefore, it is to be hoped that Epic is still there and a little more effort with the animation.

After all, we love our pets in Fortnite and after so much love is in their animation, it gets all the more rude when the caressing looks so shabby.

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