The Division 2 Wants To Strengthen Its Worst Exotic

the division 2

Be The Division 2, the light machine gun “pestilence” is exotic, but not much else. That should change. Massive promises a buff.

It’s all about this weapon: The machine gun “pestilence” is primarily a PvP weapon. You get the MG as a random drop in the Dark Zone:

  • If you hit an opponent with the weapon 20 times, it infects you. If the enemy is then killed, he leaves a poison cloud.
  • In addition, the weapon can distribute a debuff that reduces healing and makes it impossible for opponents to go to their knees – instead dying immediately when life drops to zero

The “pestilence” was apparently intended in The Division 2 as a pure PvP weapon that should kill opponents who rely on healing by team members or self-healing. So to speak, a “healer.”

This is the problem of the weapon: The weapon is not used because players feel it is too weak. They do not do enough damage.

The previous opinion on the weapon is: “Dissect the simple, which is no good and uses it to upgrade other exotics”

That’s a shame when an exotic weapon turns out to be a flop.

The problem is compounded by the fact that PvP in The Division 2 hardly matters at the moment.

Pestilence becomes stronger, but not pure damage

This is what Massive says now: Massive has announced in the last State of the Game to look at all exotic weapons in general. One will strengthen “by the bank away” all damage of Exotics in the PvP . This includes the pestilence, which is particularly emphasized and probably has a buff most needed.

Massive also says that the idea behind Exotics is not to knock out gross damage. But they should enable an interesting style of play that is fun.

The new exotic “Nemesis” should allow players to see through walls:

This is because we do not know any exact numbers yet, but it sounds like exotic weapons should provide “special gimmicks” and be meaningful and powerful with these special effects, not that they bring the highest DPS value.

The pestilence will probably remain a PvP weapon and should grant unique benefits here.

The usefulness of pestilence will undoubtedly depend on how attractive the PvP of The Division 2 is after the changes.

At the moment, The Division 2 is in a state of flux. There are major balance changes, game systems are to be revised. Therefore, the raid shifts by a few days.

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