This Is How You Participate In The 2nd Beta Of The Warhammer-Diablo Chaosbane Over Easter

Warhammer Diablo Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane is entering its second beta phase. This extends exactly over the Easter days. Ideal to get a taste of the holidays.

What is Warhammer: Chaosbane? With Warhammer: Chaosbane, the Warhammer universe gets a spinoff in the Hack & Slay genre. Unlike Warhammer’s previous Hack & Slays, Chaosbane plays in the fantasy section.

At the start of the first beta test in March 2019 , developer BigBen Games has already shown its first gameplay . There is a new trailer for the start of the second beta:

This is how you take part in the beta: To participate, just pre-order Chaosbane. This works both digitally and as a retail version:

  • If you buy your Chaosbane via the Microsoft Store, the PS-Store, Steam or the official website, you will be able to access the beta on your account.
  • If you have pre-ordered a retail version, the seller should provide you with a beta key. You can activate this in your respective library.

Where can I get Chaosbane? If you want to preorder Chaosbane, you can do that via:

  • the Microsoft Store (59.99 €)
  • the PS-Store (59,99 €)
  • Steam (49,99 €)

When is the beta? The second beta starts today, April 18, 2019, and lasts until April 24. The beta can be played from now on. A concrete time for the end has not yet been mentioned.

This is in the beta: In the beta you can play the campaign, which differs slightly for the different playable characters. So each of the classes is presented differently and has its own backstory:

  • The Imperial Soldier Konrad Vollen (Imperial Soldier)
  • The High Elf Mage Prince Elontir (High Elf Mage)
  • The Butcher Bragi Axebiter (Slayer)
  • The Wood Elf Scout Elessa (Wood Elf Scout)

Unlike in the first beta, all characters are now available for play. The story has been expanded a bit, there are more cutscenes and a short tutorial. Chaosbane is designed for groups of four players and supports Couch-Coop.

Who played the first phase of the beta, however, will lose its progress. All scores will be reset. This will happen again before the game is released on June 4th.

The second phase of the beta can be played on PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, there will not be a crossplay feature.

How does Chaosbane fight? Some players expected Chaosbane to be an alternative to Diablo 4 . The reviews for the first beta but were rather mixed to bad. Players had problems with the controls, the settings, the connection and generally little fun in the game. There is skepticism as to whether the game is worth its price.

The opinions on the second beta and the game itself so far on reddit are rather neutral. Players will notice bugs and bugs they report to fix them for the final release. They also often ask for possible endgame content.

Many gamers who have previously played Warhammer: Vermintide 2 or even no Warhammer game are curious to see if the bloody and brutal world can captivate and thrill them.

Are you still waiting for “your next Hack & Slay” in 2019?