This Little Glitch Betrays The Next Allied People Of WoW


Something has happened on the PTR from the latest patch to World of Warcraft. This is for many a solid proof that there is a new, allied people.

Since the Vulpera occur in World of Warcraft, they divide the community into two camps. A group cannot do anything with the “fluffy, cute” design of the Vulpera. The other side wants Vulpera to be a playable people and looks for every possible clue that confirms her as an allied people. Exactly one such clue has now appeared on the PTR to patch 8.2 Azshara’s Ascension .

An icon for the brewfest has betrayed it: The colleagues of wowhead have read out of the game data of patch 8.2 some new icons. As Blizzard redesigns the brewing test, it needs some new interface elements. There is a group of icons, each associated with one of the Allied Peoples:

  • dark iron
  • Draenei (Lightforged)
  • Hochberg Tauren
  • Mag’har
  • night-born
  • Space elves

But that does not end it. There is another icon in the group:

  • vulpera

For many fans, this is the crucial clue that Vulpera will become the next Allied people.

When could Vulpera appear? Since the brewfest traditionally takes place in September, it seems only logical that the Vulpera appear in advance. The release of the next patch 8.2 is currently estimated to be in early June. If Blizzard stays true to its rhythm, then the next patch (presumably 8.2.5) would follow around August. That would be exactly the right time for the Vulpera to attend the brewfest in September.

Model and skeleton provide further clues: Another clue is the fact that Vulpera and goblins use similar models based on the same skeleton. The goblins are still working on revising the character models, which should happen in the coming months. Since this also brings an update for the skeleton (which is responsible for animation, for example), you could also use it for the Vulpera.

Please keep in mind that these are only read data from the PTR. So it’s possible that these are just plans that may never come true.

Would you want to play the Vulpera if you become an Allied people? Or you can not do anything with the little foxes?

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