Torchlight Frontiers: The Rail Fighter Introduces Itself

Torchlight Frontiers

Perfect World and Echtra Games today unveiled the new hero class for the Shared World ARPG, Torchlight Frontiers. The rail fighter – a clever, locomotive-like powerhouse that goes into battle with a big hammer and a heavily armed railroad.

With the debut of Torchlight Frontiers’ newest hero class, players slip into the role of the rail fighter for the first time in a Torchlight game. Fans may remember Captain Jacobi in Torchlight II when the Imperial Railmen granted passage between areas. Players now experience the power of the rail fighter themselves as they learn how to swing a big hammer and strategically lay rails for the armed railroad. Players use the full power of the rail fighter by equipping the platforms of the railroad with various features to combat attacking enemies.

More information about the history of the rail fighter and the evolution of this hero can be found on the current blog . The rail fighter will be available to players of Torchlight Frontiers’ Closed Alpha on April 23 and later for players worldwide when the game is officially released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.