WoW: The Old Warchief Thrall Is Back – With A New Model


In patch 8.2 players in World of Warcraft meet an old friend. The Orc Thrall has an appearance – and a brand new model!

In World of Warcraft, the Orc Thrall has become quiet. After handing over his legendary Doomhammer to the shaman player in Legion, there was no sign of him.

With the upcoming patch 8.2 Azshara’s ascent Thrall will again have an appearance. This is even accompanied by a new model! He has shed his shaman gulf.

The model of a Frostwolf: If you look more closely at Thrall’s new model, you can see many similarities to Durotan, as shown in the movie “Warcraft – The Beginning”. This looks like the more traditional look of a Frostwolf warrior. It seems that Thrall’s origins are remembered in his old days.

Why a new model? The fact that Thrall got a new model indicates that he will soon take on a bigger role in the story. As a rule, Blizzard gives such characters only an update, if they appear shortly afterwards in an important position.

Announcement already at the BlizzCon: That Thrall is needed again, was already indicated at the BlizzCon 2018. There, Chris Metzen (former storyteller of Blizzard and the English dubbing voice of Thrall) joined the series of fans and asked a question to the developers. He wanted to know when “the right” Kriesghuptling gets his job back. At that time, the developers said in an amused tone: “Maybe there will be a post soon. When the time comes, we’ll call you. “

Obviously the call came and Metzen was allowed to play the voice of Thrall again. Whether he will take a bigger role remains to be seen.

How do you like the return of Thrall and his new model? Is it good that he plays a role again? Or were you glad that the “Green Jesus” had disappeared from the scene?

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