Apex Legends: Patch Should Help 2 Heroes, But Now Everything Is Worse

In Apex Legends, the last big patch 1.07 was supposed to bury the legends Caustic and Gibraltar. But the alleged blessing is more of a curse that annoys both players of the two legends as well as their opponents properly.

What was changed to Caustic and Gibraltar? These two heroes are big, fat guys who have a bigger hitbox and are hit more often and more easily. To compensate for this, the two greats in Update 1.07 got a buff that gave them 10% damage reduction.

Buff becomes nerf

These are the problems with the two heroes: The 10 percent less damage but probably caused quite a bit of chaos in the code of the two heroes. Thus, players report via the side Dexerto about that you take damage at Gibraltar (and probably also Caustic) now, if you actually wear armor.

That should not be the case, because armor blocks damage until it’s broken.

According to another player, it seems that the 10% less damage Caustic and Gibraltar receive when reversing their armor is reversed and the heroes instead get 10% more damage directly to their health.

This is another bug with armor: In general, armor with the new patch for the two heroes seem totally bugged. Some players report that Caustic and Gibraltar are no longer able to rely on damage feedback.

This is how Damage Feedback works: Because Apex Legends usually uses different colored numbers of damage on hits to show if and what kind of armor an opponent still has.

This is extremely important because if the armor color code appears, you should not engage in a lengthy firefight.

This is the problem with the damage: If the damage shows red numbers, that means that the opponent has no armor and should die after some hits. But that seems to be missing in Caustic and Gibraltar now.

See what the game looks like in the video from the streamer LeonBackwardsTV

Because several players on Reddit report that they kept a good deal on the corresponding heroes and saw red numbers. But suddenly you saw the symbol for destroyed armor and the enemies did not die.

They probably had armor, but the hit feedback did not reflect it. This makes it extremely difficult at the moment to fight effectively against these heroes.

“That explains a lot! I thought, I’m going crazy, “commented a player.

What does Respawn do? Update (20.04.2019): In the meantime there has been feedback from the developer on Reddit. Work on the problem and will soon fix it. An exact date was not called.

Developer Respawn has not responded to the bug so far, according to the Dexerto site. But since it is probably a serious problem that affects the two heroes hard, the devs should hopefully respond quickly and nachschieben a hotfix.

Meanwhile, there are other bugs, but one of them is more funny than bad.