Dead By Daylight Revisits Its Endgame And It Gets Awesome

Dead By Daylight

The developers of Dead by Daylight want to significantly improve their “endgame”. There are now quite radical changes that bring tension.

The last few minutes of a match in Dead by Daylight could be frustrating for killers. After the gates were opened, the survivors were able to tease, tease, and mock the killer a bit. After all, there was no real danger and no compulsion to leave the map. But that will change now. The Endgame of Dead by Daylight will be massively revised!

What was the problem with the endgame? In Dead by Daylight, the end of a game can be long. If the last survivor decides not to leave the card and instead simply sneak over the card, he can keep the killer trapped for hours in the match. Trolls often do that to force the killer to leave the game with a disconnect – then he gets no points.

In addition, there were often unpleasant moments when the killer and the survivor found the trap door (Hatch), the last resort for the last survivor. Then it came to the so-called “Hatch Standoff”. Killers and survivors look at each other and wait – often many minutes. Since the killer can “grab” a survivor when jumping into the hatch, the player who acts first loses. That was boring and frustrating for both sides.

This is how the new endgame turns into a trailer : the developer Behavior has now revealed how the endgame collapse works. This is a completely new phase of the game that occurs at the end of a game. The “Endgame Collapse” begins as soon as a gate has been opened or the trapdoor closed – the killer can do that with this update.

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Then begins a 3-minute timer, which is represented by an expiring bar for all players. The bar will run at normal speed when all the survivors are on their feet and will slow down when survivors are grounded or hung up. When the timer reaches the end, all survivors still in the game are immediately completely sacrificed. The alien appears and impales the survivor on the spot. In that case, the player is considered sacrificed and gives the killer the corresponding victory and blood points for it.

The red bottom reveals that the “Endgame Collapse” is nearing the end.

Especially cool: Both survivors and killers can open the gate to force the “Endgame Collapse”. So if the killer does not want the annoying survivors who just can not get to the gates and want to troll him, he can start the timer himself.

A hatch is guaranteed: Also new is that the trapdoor will now always appear for the last survivor, regardless of how many generators have been repaired. Previously, had to be repaired (number of alive survivors +1) generators, so that the trap door even appears. The killer can now close the trapdoor, which in turn activates all generators and initiates the “Endgame Collapse”. The surviving survivor must then open one of the two doors to escape.

There is not much time left in the Endgame Collapse.

New Endgame matches the Story: Story Technically, the “Endgame Collapse” is the collapse of the game world. The Entitus wants the trial to end and begins to destroy the world – because all the cards in the game come from the mind of the Entitus. In addition to the progressing beam, players across the map see reddish, menacing tears that point to the approaching disaster.

The update will probably go live with the next “Mid-Chapter” patch – in a few weeks.

Cortyn says: I think I’ve never been so excited about an announced update as now. The “Endgame Collapse” eliminates many of the problems Dead by Daylight had. The trolls of the survivors is thus almost impossible or at least difficult. That every match now has a fixed endpoint that both sides can force is really good and helpful. That should take a lot of frustration from Dead by Daylight, which trolls can still cause.

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