Fortnite Attracts The Cheaters With A $ 30 Million World Cup – And They Even Win


In Fortnite, the first week of qualifying rounds for the World Cup is over. Numerous players have already drunk thick, including massive cheaters and cheaters. It has caught many but also again. Most wanted to bypass the regio-lock in order to qualify.

How is the World Cup going in Fortnite? The Fortnite World Cup is a gigantic tournament that involves a lot of money. One million US dollars can be won in 10 weekly qualifying rounds.

In July 2019, the final round will be worth $ 30 million, and the best players in the qualifying rounds will fight for it.

Cheaters win money and lose it again

How to cheat at the World Cup: Overall, Epic has already banned 1,221 accounts because of various scams. The reasons for the bans and the number of banned players are as follows:

  • Most players, 1163 in number, were banned for 14 days for a Region Lock violation. They played in more than one region and that was not allowed. Among them were 196 winners who no longer receive their prize money.
  • 48 accounts, including 9 winners, were banned for 14 days. The reason: they had shared their account with other players. That too is not allowed.
  • 8 Accounts got caught because they joined forces illegally. There was one winner among them, who now runs out of money.
  • 1 account was banned for 72 hours because he logged out intentionally to deny points to an opponent. This spell came about because of several reports from players.
  • One account was permanently kicked out of the game and has a permaban classified. He is said to have used cheat software. According to Epic, it got him in the game after 5 minutes thanks to anti-cheat software.

Maybe it was the banned cheat user to the professional JhonnyK, who was betrayed by his own cheat provider and now kicked out of his team .

To further ensure the integrity and fairness of the World Cup, Epic wants to further expand its anti-cheat software and hopes for strong community support to further press cheaters and cheaters through reporting.