Fortnite: New Update 2.16 Comes Today On Good Friday – Patch Notes In German


In Fortnite today an update has been released on Good Friday. Patch 8.40.1 (2.16 after another count) fixes some bizarre bugs. We look at the patch notes in German.

What is this update? The patch today is an update out of line. Usually patch Fortnite only once a week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The update on this Friday has become necessary because in the big update on Wednesday weretoo many bugs and problems, the players apparently disturbed.

The latest update came around 12:00 noon today, despite Good Friday being patched.

Wrong news caused fear: Players had been mistakenly reported that they descended into a lower Arena Division . That was only a display error, now the display is correct again.

Irrer Bart-Bug: In the new limited-time mode “Kross frittiert” the beard of the skin Schwarzherz grew unchecked, until he blocked the whole field of vision. The update has brought this under control.

In “Kross frittiert”, name badges and indicators for allies were deactivated.

Trouble in the Air Royale: In the new airplane mode “Air Royale” there was a bug that caused all shrubs to disappear after playing a round there.

The bushes were then gone in all game modes.

Mobile issues at Fortnite : Anyone who presses on weapon or component buttons too quickly on a Fortnite mobile device could cause malfunction. Also this bug should have paid off the new update.

So the reaction to the patch: On Twitter there are already the first reactions to the patch. However, here continues to dominate the criticism of Epic with “Revert.”

Many players are still struggling with the controversial patch 8.20, which has changed the rules for Fortnite seriously.

In addition, the Twitter users criticize other problems such as lag in the endgame or annoying bugs in Fortnite.

The last two patches, 8.30 and 8.40, almost changed little things in the game or brought new modes. The profound changes in 8:20 did not take them back.