GTA Online Now Gives You $ 50,000 For This Time Trial – It’s That Easy


In GTA Online, a time trial is now active again for a short time. If you drive through the target in the required time, you get 50,000 GTA dollars. We’ll show you how easy the race is to win.

How do you earn the money? Once a week in the world of GTA Online rotate the time trials. This kind of race can be found in the open world of GTA 5 Online. So you do not have to join a game mode.

Drive to the start of the race. There the required time is indicated. Then it is important to heat across the map to the destination. There are 50,000 GTA dollars to wave.

Which race is active this week? Until the 25th of April is the time race “Maze Bank Arena” active. This starts, as the name implies, at the Maze Bank in the south of the map. From there, go a few kilometers to the north, where then the destination is located.

If you manage to beat the time of 1:17:08, you’ll get $ 50,000 in your account.

How to Win the Maze Bank Race in GTA Online

The route: The route is quite clear, you follow practical only one road. The start is a bit tricky, also it is close to the finish again.

This is how the journey works: During the race, it is best not to make an accident in order to reach the finish in time. For you to drive the fastest route, a perfect start is important.

At the finish line, head north and drive down the middle pedestrian walkway, down the stairs, across the street onto the main street. In pictures it looks like this:

Follow this pedestrian path straight ahead, at the end you will board the stairs and end up on the street
Once on the road, drive across the grassy area and then turn right to reach the mainline

Practice the start briefly to get a feel for the right turn on the main track. Then it’s just the road to the north.

The last section of the track is narrow again, because the road then runs only two lanes until shortly before the finish. So pay attention to oncoming traffic.

From here it is just under 1 kilometer on the narrow track to the finish.

Video tutorial: Get an overview of the track in this video from GTA-Series. It will also clarify how the start of the race should work best.

Can you repeat the race? Yes, you can repeat the race, but only get the 50,000 GTA dollars once. Then there are only $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 as a consolation prize.

Which car should you use? Take the fastest car of your garage for this race. Speed ​​is especially important here.

Who owns the Vigilante, the Batmobile, has advantages in this time trial. With the rocket boost you can iron out minor driving errors again.

You can put your money in these cars: