Overwatch All-stars Skins Leaked, Mercy And Lúcio Will Probably Get New Outfits


In May, the All-Stars of the Overwatch League come into the house. During the event, there will again be two exclusive skins for heroes. These have now been leaked and it will probably be given to the healers Mercy and Lúcio.

What are these skins? The two skins will represent the Atlantic Division and the Overwatch League’s Pacific Division , as they did at the last All-Stars event in 2018 .

Mercy will get the Atlantic Skin, a rather airy costume in blue and purple with a crown reminiscent of heavenly gods and heroes. On her outfit are symbols of moons and stars installed.

The Pacific Skin goes to the healer Lúcio and wraps him in an imposing armor of white and gold. In addition Lúcio gets to his character matching green ornaments and a flowing, green mane on the helmet.

Where does the leak come from? The leak occurred on two different sides. The Reddit user bata12showed the above picture, whose authenticity he could not confirm.

At the same time, however, the operator of the YouTube channel “Unit Lost” and consultant to the OWL team London Spitfire, Tom “Stylosa” Stewart tweeted the same skins with the comment: “I just became the Mercy-Main.”

The leak comes from a very safe source.

How do I get the skins? Last year, the skins for 200 league brands were available through Overwatch’s Overwatch League menu. 200 Brands cost € 9.99 or can be obtained by watching the Overwatch League on Twitch for free .

What are the All-Stars? The Overwatch League All-Stars event will take place over two days during the league season. The first event came to a close in August and after the finals, to Season 2 it will start in the middle of the regular games on May 15.

During the All-Stars, teams chosen by fans compete against each other. The fans vote for their favorites from the divisions, setting up an Atlantic team and a Pacific team. You can vote on the official website of the Overwatch League until April 28th.

Who will you vote for? Which skin will you get?

The pros for the next season of the OWL could be used in a show: