Pokémon GO: This Weekend You Can Catch A New Shiny More

Pokemon GO

In Pokémon GO Shiny Pottrott appears more on this weekend. The little event is already running and in the wild and in raids you can find Pottrott everywhere.

How long is the event? The increased spawns of Pottrott are limited to just this weekend. Tomorrow, on the 21st of April at 10 pm, the small event will end.

In addition to Pottrott, you will also find Lapras as Shiny. This Pokémon does not show up in the wild.

Shiny Pottrott and Lapras in Pokémon GO

Why are these Shinys now? The whole thing is related to the safari zone in Singapore. This event is currently taking place in the Asian city and brought the players already on Thursday the two Shinys.

Shiny Lapras in the safari zone in Singapore

Now Shiny Pottrott and Lapras have been released worldwide. As you know it in the safari zone spawns a Shiny all over the world the whole weekend.

How do I find Shiny Pottrott? You really can find this Pokémon everywhere in the wild. There’s still a lot of talk about Potrott’s Shiny Rate, but it seems she’s raised again. So you have better chances on this Shiny, than on other dazzling Pokémon in the wild.

Pottrott also appears in Raids. It’s a level 3 raid, but you can not defeat Pottrott alone

How do I find Shiny Lapras? The rate of Shiny Lapras in the wild is not increased. So far, few players report the discovery of a dazzling Lapras, which is why you can not really determine the Shiny Rate.

You can increase your chance at Shiny Lapras if you complete the quest “Win 5 Arena Fights”. She gives it as a reward a Lapras. This can then be Shiny.

That’s why you should use the weekend: If you really want to have a Shiny Pottrott, this weekend should exploit, because Pottrott is rare outside of events.

You will not have such a good chance of Shiny Pottrott again so fast.

Shiny Meltan comes back to Pokémon GO. We have all the information for you:

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