So Many Allusions To Game Of Thrones Are In WoW


The World of Warcraft is also full of small and big allusions to Game of Thrones. We’ll show you a few you may have missed so far.

At the start of the final season Game of Thrones, there is hardly any other theme in gaming. Suddenly the Night King, Winterfell and various gnomes are on everyone’s lips again. It’s time to check out World of Warcraft and see how much “Game of Thrones” is actually in WoW – or vice versa, how much WoW is in Game of Thrones. Because at least in one scene, the makers have quite obviously used Blizzard.

Warcraft had a Night King before it was cool

Probably the greatest parallels between Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft can be found in the role of a great antagonist. The Night King, who leads the White Wanderers and their undead in Game of Thrones, has a lot in common with Arthas Menethil, the former Lich King.

Both come “out of the icy north” and try to overrun the kingdoms in the south and become subjects. They are also strong necromancers capable of reviving fallen soldiers in large masses and incorporating them into their own army.

But that does not stop the similarities from happening. Especially a scene from the last season caused fans of World of Warcraft for an amused grin. Resurrecting a dragon as an undead minion is something that Arthas Menethil did in his cinematic of Wrath of the Lich King. There he brought Sindragosa out of the ice.

A scene is even copied almost 1: 1. As the undead dragon in Game of Thrones flies over the armies of the undead soldiers, all surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere with the cold, inhospitable scenery in the background, WoW fans immediately discovered the origin of it.

Exactly the same scene could be seen in Cinematic. If you keep the two scenes side by side, it is hard to deny that one work has copied something from the other.

Of course, the books “The Song of Ice and Fire” already existed before Warcraft 3 – the exact representation of this undead army with the dragon had its origins but probably before in Warcraft.

Since both sides should have served each other plenty.

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Many little allusions in World of Warcraft

But World of Warcraft makes no secret of the fact that the developers seem to be big fans of the song of ice and fire and have built numerous Easter Eggs in Azeroth.

For example, there is the “Ax of the Iron Price” in the extension Mists of Pandaria. The “Iron Prize” is a concept from Game of Thrones. Instead of paying for things (the “gold price”), you pay the Iron Price – which usually means killing the person who owns what you want. This is practiced mainly by the iron men, which include the Graufreuds.

In the Legion expansion, villains were given a legendary item called The Empty Crown. The item has a small flavor text that says, “It’s hard to put a dog on a leash once you put a crown on its head.” These words are taken 1: 1 from Tyrion Lennister.

In Sturmschild (capital of the Warlords of Draenor alliance) you can find an NPC named Amelia Clarke – a clear allusion to actress Emilia Clarke playing Daenerys. Hunters can even find something curious about her: Amelia Clarke is not a humanoid, but a dragonkin!

Amelia Clarke – at that time an important trader, today only an allusion to Game of Thrones.

You should also take a look at the Shado-Pan in Mists of Pandaria, because they have many parallels to the night watch. After all, they have been protecting a wall for years and making sure that nothing gets over this wall. These are not undead, but Klaxxi, but the task is identical. In addition, they even have the same sayings as the night watch, namely, “We are the guardians on the walls” and “I am the sword in the darkness”. Both are taken from the oath of the night watch.

The Shado-Pan – Strongly inspired by the night watch. Even with the same sayings!

Another prominent personality can be found in the classroom of the magicians. There is Melis, the Mistress of the Flames. With her burning sword and her red robe she is a clear allusion to Melisandre, the “red woman” who is behind many a curse. Her famous words “The night is dark and full of terror” are similar. Melis says when you talk to her, “The night is dark and full of demons.”

These are just a few of the Easter Eggs you can find on Game of Thrones in WoW – there are several dozen and some of them probably have not been recognized yet.

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