So You’ll Soon Come To Legendary Weapons In Fallout 76’s PVP Mode

Fallout 76

If you play Fallout 76 in Survival mode, you will soon be able to acquire legendary weapons. These are guaranteed three star weapons, but they are always limited to one week. So you have to hurry.

What are these weapons? The weapons you can earn in Survival mode are all legendary. They all have three unique attributes and do a good deal of damage. The weapons we have put together in the gallery below for you.

They can be sold as legendary weapons, but can not be disassembled. So you can not earn mods for other weapons through them. However, they will probably be interesting for the Legendary dealer, due to be released on May 23.

How do I get the weapons? To get the weapons, you have to play in Survival mode. This is the new PvP mode with special rules in Fallout 76 .

Here you will receive a weekly challenge each week for which you have to complete some tasks. When all tasks are completed, the challenge is fulfilled and you receive the weapon.

All challenges and weapons in detail can be found on the official website of Fallout 76 .

When can I get the weapons? The first challenge starts on May 7th. From there, every week there is a new challenge for weapons. You can get the weapons for the following data:

  • 7-13th May: Resoluter Veteran (Legendary Gatling Gun)
  • 14th-20th May: Commander’s Blade (Legendary Revolutionary Sword)
  • 21-27th May night light (legendary Teslagewehr)
  • May 28 – June 3: Fischers Fritz (legendary harpoon rifle)
  • 4-10th June: Inexorable Monster (Legendary Deathclaw Glove)
  • 11th-17th June: Salt of the Earth (legendary double-barreled shotgun)

Bethesda plans to continue to regularly add new challenges that will continue to reward you with rewards.

This is still happening in PvP: After feedback from the community, the rankings in survival mode will be adjusted. Instead of the period of “Longest Survival,” the main statistics are now “killed players.”

This will show the three players on the map who have killed most other players. Bethesda is considering further adjusting the statistics.

Incidentally, PvE players now have more peace in Adventure Mode: