That’s Why The World Of Albion Online After Free2play Launch Must Be Significantly Larger

Albion Online

The world of Albion Online should be bigger. Albion Online wants to ensure that after his free-to-play launch, new players have a better start, as they currently have some difficulties.

How to get started: In a message on the official website , the developers of Albion Online said that they want to enlarge the world soon. For this purpose, a total of three new areas to enlarge the game world.

So, as it looks on the official map, the game world is in total about half larger than before.

The enlargement of the world will be a big update after launching Albion Online into free-to-play .

What is that good for? The update is a response to the success after the free-to-play launch of Albion Online . The larger map provides more territories where players and guilds can settle. Territories are useful areas where owners have many advantages depending on the type of territory:

  • a sheltered area guarded by strong NPC guards
  • a safe place to log out and a respawn point
  • Access to the bank
  • additional resources

So far, many areas are already occupied by guilds, also since thousands of new players joinedbefore the F2P launch . So at the moment, new players have few chances to ever come to territories. That should change.

These areas come to Albion Online has specifically planned three new areas:

  • Siluria, about the size of Cumbria
  • East and West Glouvia, about the size of East and West Anglia

The territories will not provide Season points during Season 6 but will have energy and loot. That’s why they serve above all to prepare for the upcoming seasons for new guilds.

The new territories can be reached through city portals in many cities.

When will the new areas come? The new areas are planned for early May 2019. The territories in these areas that can be claimed by guilds are to be made available in two waves.

This happens on the second invasion day of Season 6, May 18th.

Particularly interesting are the territories for guilds who want to take part in factional wars:

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