The Division 2: Dealer Reset On 20.4. – The Best Offers

the division 2

Today, on April 20, the vendor reset of The Division 2 will take place. These offers are particularly worthwhile.

Quick information on dealer reset on 20.4 .:

  • Last week there was a patch, the update 2.1. You can read the patch notes here.
  • The raid, which is supposed to be released on April 25th with a major update, is being postponed to solve problems before.
  • Currently running the test server for the new update, some testers are already criticizing some changes of the update
  • During the night from Friday to Saturday, every week, distributors in The Division receive 2 new items
  • We only show items that get World Rank 5. If other items should be displayed on world rank 5, please let us know in the comments.
  • We only present the high-end items on offer, because they usually have better values.

The best weapons of the dealers

  • DZ South – LVOA-C (Rifle) with Ranger ( Each 5m you remove from an opponent increases your weapon damage by + 2%), Jass Hands (+ 10% Reload Speed ) and Rogue ( Use this weapon in the holster will increase your resistance to sticking)
  • The White House – P416 – Military version with nearsighted (Increases Stability by + 35%, reduces Crit and Optimal Range by 20% each), Stability (+ 15% Stability) and Protected Application (Increases armor by 10% if Skill is active)

The best armor parts on offer

The high-end gear:

  • Campus – ” China Light Industries” Knee Low Cooldown and Hooded (If your armor is destroyed, enemy skills are disrupted for 10 seconds)
  • The White House – “China Light Industries” mask with crit-chance, damage to elite and boost (+ 10% reduced cooldown)
  • DZ West – “Providence Defense” knee-saver with life and self-regulation (+ 20% increased armor regeneration )
  • DZ South – “Murakami Industries” backpack with armor, skill level, crit damage and talents Ruthless (+ 15% damage to elite) and Efficient (use of armor kit has a 50% chance of not being consumed)
  • DZ East – “Station Grip” Gloves with Crit Damage, Shotgun Damage and Surgical (+ 8% Crit Chance)
  • DZ East – “Murakami Industries” Knee Protector with Armor and Incursions ( Recover Headshot Coverage from Cover 5% Armor)

You can find the bonuses of the brand sets here. You can find the entire dealer offer on this page of rubenalamina.

Cassie Mandoza – Offer

The secret dealer Cassie keeps changing her location.

This is what Cassie is doing this week:

  • SR-1 (Sniper Rifle) with the Talents Rant (Active Status Kill gives + 15% Crit-Chance bonus to all party members within 15m for 10 sec), Jazz Hands (+ 15% Reload Speed), and Double Bet ( Reloading an empty magazine returns this 20% free ammo.)
  • Invisible Hand (AUG Assault Rifle) with the talents At Emptiness (reload empty magazines + 30% weapon handling for 10 sec), Allegro (+ 10% Rate of Fire) and Rooted (Skill damage and healing will be +25 for 10 sec % increased when you are in cover.
  • MP512 (submachine gun) with the talents near and personal (A kill from a maximum of 7 yards gives bonus damage for 5 seconds), Allegro (+ 10% rate of fire) and Protected Reload (when recharged you get + 10% bonus armor)
  • “Airaldi Holdings” Gloves with Shotgun Damage and Scheduled (+ 15% skill damage for 5 seconds when destroying enemy armor)

To find Cassie, you must first find the spy.

This map shows some possible locations for the spy, but it is not a complete list.

Do you have any special recommendations? Write us in the comments.