The Ps4 Finally Gets A New MMORPG With Caravan Stories


Those who want a new MMORPG for their PlayStation 4 should keep an eye on Caravan Stories. The game even offers an interesting and unusual party system.

What is Caravan Stories? The MMORPG is very successful in Japan and is available there for PC, PS4 and as Mobile Game for Android and iOS. Around 2 million players can demonstrate the online game. Now it also appears in the West.

The story revolves around an invasion of monsters. The heroes of Fantasyland Iyarr set out to face this threat. As one of these heroes, you explore a colorful anime world.

A MMORPG with NPC party

What does the MMORPG offer? The MMORPG relies on telling stories where you are in the spotlight.

  • You create your hero from six peoples.
  • The exploration of a huge open game world is pending.
  • In PvE you do numerous quests.
  • PvP also plays a role.
  • The battles are tactical, but are basically automatic.
  • Depending on the time of day you meet other opponents.
  • Spectator mode lets you watch and learn from other players.

What is special about Caravan Stories? You’re never alone in the game, even if you do not find other players.

  • You create a party of tamed monsters and NPCs.
  • In total, there are 300 allies to help you put your group together.
  • In the battles you have to direct your group tactically. Attacks are basically automatic, but you give each hero orders to use special attacks, paying attention to the cooldowns of the skills.
  • For a better overview, the fighting does not take place in the open world, but in its own combat areas.

The PS4 version comes to North America

Which version comes to the West? The press release says the PlayStation 4 version will be released in North America. For PC version and the mobile game there is no information.

When does Caravan Stories start? The soft launch of the game is scheduled for this July. The MMORPG will provide English subtitles with Japanese voice output.

What my player to MMORPG? On the Japanese servers, the MMORPG is already available and can even be played in English there. Many reports are not available at the moment. But the game is well received by the previous testers.

Ishtart says about Reddit: “A really good game. It’s great fun. There are many events and weekly updates. “

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