These Are The 3 Strangest Items In Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

Although the world of Conan Exiles is sombre, rough and barbaric, some of the items there are just weird. We introduce you to our 3 most bizarre finds.

What are these items? All the items we introduce to you have a use that may be more or less convenient. But they are all rather be understood as a gimmick, which can make many players smile, because receiving them is sometimes really expensive.

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1. The equipment potion

What is this potion? The potion makes, as the name suggests, your “equipment” bigger. In concrete terms, this means that the penis of your character is getting bigger. Even before release, the penis slider caused a stir in Conan Exiles, but with this potion truly absurd sizes are possible.

What is good for? He does not have a practical use. According to the description, he should increase your “charisma”, a value that does not exist in Conan Exiles. The potion has no other previously known effect except the optical. He does not work for female characters.

Where can I get the tank? In order to make the potion, you must first find the recipe and then mix the potion with water, Graulotus and alchemical ground substance in the Feuerschalenenkessel. Detailed instructions on how to get the equipment potion are listed in our guide.

2. The combat turner

What is this item? The Battle Spatula was added with one of the newest patches in March 2019. It is a huge spatula that you can use as a weapon. His description is:

An insane Zingara cook has once turned a spatula into a razor-sharp destructive tool to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Why is the spatula good? The spatula counts as a high-quality ax that can shatter shields and make opponents bleed. He adds 51 health damage and is one of the strongest manufacturable one-handed axes.

How can I get the fight turner? To craft the Fury, you’ll need the power fragments inflicted in March. You can get these from bosses in the nameless city and small boxes scattered throughout the city.

With the fragments you have to act with the Archivist with his black library, a shelf full of scrolls directly behind him. So you find the archivist in Conan Exiles. You then get random recipes for redeeming the fragments.

If you receive the recipe for the Fury Turner, you can use that resource to make him at the Blacksmith’s Workbench:

  • 1x short handle
  • 20x star metal bars
  • 1x power fragment (fragment of power)

3. The horse kiss

What is this item? The horse kiss (English Dead Leg) is a particularly grotesque item. The horse kiss is a chopped off, human leg, which was converted into a powerful war hammer.

Why is the horse kiss good? The horse kiss is a high-quality two-handed mace and serves to crush the armor of opponents. Choppy legs have been there before, but the horse kiss is much stronger. It inflicts 54 damage to health, making it one of the strongest hammers, surpassed only by legendary items.

How do I get the horse kiss? Similar to the combat turner, you have to learn the recipe only about the new power fragments. Once you have learned, you can make the horse kiss on the blacksmith’s workbench. You need:

  • 1x severed leg
  • 1x power fragment

What are your favorite items from Conan Exiles?

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