Apex Legends: Cosplayer Paints Face Black – Twitch Banishes Her

At Apex Legends , there are the black heroine Lifeline. To look similar, a Lithuanian cosplayer blackened her face. This is called “blackface” and is considered racist, especially in the US. The streamer was then banned by Twitch and does not know how it happened.

The streamer has done so: Lithuanian streamer Karina “Karupups” Martsinkevich has about 4700 followers on Twitch.

She disguised herself as a lifeline in a live stream. This is the black combat paramedic from Apex Legends – she is considered one of the strongest heroines in the shooter.

In social networks, some users have disturbed. They said they could not believe what they saw.

This is how Twitch reacted: As reported by a Russian site, the streamer was then banished by Twitch for 30 days.

As justification, Twitch states that she had incited hatred against a person or against a group of people.

This is behind it: the technique of blackening his face is considered “blackface” in the US and is frowned upon.

The “black face” was used in the US by white actors in film and theater to portray black figures that were drawn clichéd and racist.

The “blackface” is therefore considered a taboo in the US and is perceived as racist:

  • In other cultures, however, this sensitivity does not exist to this extent – there were no such debates.
  • Blackfacing is a sensitive and sensitive topic in the US.

This is how the streamer reacts: The Lithuanian streamer is evidently startled by the reaction. It was just a picture, nothing else. People would have asked her how she got it and were interested.

The direct response then through channels like Discord, she must be banished, she could not seem to classify. 

The Legend Lifeline is popular in Apex Legends and apparently serves as a template more often. As the US side Dexerto reports, the cosplayer Kayybearxo has also adjusted.

There was no blackfacing on her lifeline. Nevertheless, according to Dexerto, some felt that this presentation was “too sexy.”

What makes Lifeline so popular in Apex Legends, we have explained here: