Days Gone – Patch 1.03 Released

Days Gone

A few days before the official release of, Days Gone ‘Sony has released the patch 1.03 for the survival adventure, this time also slightly larger than last.

While more details about the update are missing, this generally speaks of bug fixes and localization optimizations. But in Europe he also weighs a whopping 21 gigabytes, which come in addition to the installation of the game . The more you can look forward to a smooth cut game. The total size of Days Gone remains unchanged with the patch at around 67 gigabytes.

Days Gone wants to revolutionize the genre of open-world survival action games. Players will encounter an exciting story, remote stretches of dynamic weather, unpredictable events, and huge Freaker hordes to deconstruct with tactics and skill.

New impressions of Days Gone will be available from next Thursday when the official review embargo is lifted. In advance, however, you can count on other streams, which may be sent from Monday.

Days Gone will be released on April 26, 2019 exclusively for PlayStation 4.