Destiny 2 Broke His PVP – Can Not Repair Until May

Destiny 2

At Destiny 2, developer Bungie has happened a stupid thing. A new item for the event “Affliction” has a negative effect on the PvP. Bungie admits to having made a mistake here, but the problem can not be solved that easily.

That’s the problem: The spring event “Revelation” started on Tuesday. A new feature of the event is an elixir, the soulful essence. This grants players a buff. This allows guardians to either faster:

  • Throw grenades
  • use their melee skills
  • use the class ability

Many players find this effect just too strong in PvP. You’re annoyed at how the Spring event affects Destiny 2’s PvP mode.

Especially the grenade spam disturbs the regular players. That’s like playing dodge ball and avoiding balls, says one user.

Keepers are asking for Bungie to deactivate the elixir in the competitive Crucible to get back into shooter skills in the Destiny 2 Crucible and not to spam skills or grenades.

Bungie wanted to keep Destiny 2 fresh

This is what Bungie says : The community manager Cozmo23 spoke up on Reddit .

He says you want to give every activity of Destiny 2 a new lease of life with this change by changing the sandbox meta for a while.

Now be clear: Bungie has shot over the target. Instead of providing joy, the experience in the Crucible has been made more frustrating.

However, you have no way to disable the essence server side. However, look further to see if you can solve the problem.

But the experiment would have to last until the end of the spring event, before changing the meta with a client-side patch, says Cozmo.

You’ve learned a lot from the last few days and will make sure you have a better experience the next time you spin the rules for a limited time.

The players have no choice but to live the next few weeks with the changed PvP or to pause in the time.

How long will that take? The event should go until the 7th of May. In time, the PvP is so different than usual.

The players may find the time span here a bit long. For a few days, the grenade lunacy would have been okay, three weeks is quite a long time.

That new event “Revelation” has some construction sites that cause negative reactions. After trouble over the new armor ornaments and the grenade spam, there were also problems with the spheres: