Fairy Tales, Legends And Killer – These Are The 5 Best Easter Eggs In Fallout 76

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 offers a bunch of funny Easter Eggs to match the crazy humor of the Fallout series. The best Easter Eggs, from the point of view of our author Benedict, we have listed here for you.

What are Easter Eggs? Easter Eggs are sometimes more, sometimes less well hidden allusions to other media such as film, television, other games or general pop culture.

Easter Eggs often give games more depth and make fans smile – especially if they are cleverly trained.

Also Fallout 76 offers heaps of these Easter Eggs. Four stand out but especially.

The rat catcher from Hameln

What is this Easter Egg? As a random event, Appalachia may spawn an eyebrow. This is followed by several RAD rats.

The eyebrow goes, or rather floats its way through Appalachia. The rats follow him bravely in a row.

What is this Easter Egg about? The allusion is quite easy to recognize but still not obvious. The eyebrow is the Fallout version of the Pied Piper of Hameln, one of the most famous German sagas.

In the legend, a flute player frees the city of Hameln from a plague of rats by hypnotizing the rats with his pipe and luring them to drown in the River Weser. When he is denied payment, he returns and enchants as a punishment the children of the city, whom he abducts and who are never seen again.

The crazy milliner

What is this Easter Egg? North of the Anchor Farm and west of the Tyler County Rummels is in the middle of nowhere a set table. Several chairs and balloons stand colorfully around the table.

On the plates and the table are several teapots and cakes. Heap hats, cuddly toys and board games are distributed.

What is this Easter Egg about? The table is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland, more specifically to the character of the crazy hatter from the story.

Alice meets the hat maker in the children’s book while he is having a tea party. (in the chapter: “A crazy tea party”) There sits the hat maker together with a hare and other guests at a similarly laid table and invites Alice to participate.

The Overlook Hotel

What is this Easter Egg? Southwest of the forest and northeast of Ash Heap, the Torrance House is located in the mansion district of Summersville. On one of the balconies of the house you will find a tricycle and toy cubes showing the word “Redrum”.

In front of the house is a hedgerow labyrinth in which you will find a skeleton with a firearm ax, which has found its end ajar against a hedge.

What is this Easter Egg about? The killer to whom this Easter Egg alludes, probably only older players know . It is the basis for the allusion to the 1980 horror movie classic “The Shining”, based on the book by Stephen King.

In “The Shining,” author and former teacher Jack Torrance spends some time with his family. However, he loses his mind and chases his wife and son with an ax, until he finally freezes in a hedge labyrinth. The word “Redrum” repeats his son several times, it means read backwards “murder”, to German: murder.

Back to the Future

What is this Easter Egg? You might well have come across this Easter Egg once you’ve got the Nuka Cola Skin for your power armor . In Cranberry Bog you will find the “Pylon V-13” right next to the workshop Bog Town.

The pylon serves as a support for a monorail. This does not work anymore, but points to a strange construct, a ring that is electrically charged and heavily irradiated with several coils. The records of a scientist explain that this is a time travel device.

What is this Easter Egg about? The pylon immediately gives allusions to two media . The first, more obvious is the cult movie “Back to the Future”. Similar to Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the film, the scientist also wants to travel through time through certain speeds and a vehicle.

The second allusion is to an earlier iteration of Fallout 76. Under the name “Project V-13” hides an idea that was once to become an online title of Fallout and that was later called Fallout Online. After disputes, the project was rejected.

The Final Pam

What is this Easter Egg? Our last top easter egg in Fallout 76 is west of Ash Heap and is one of the most bizarre places in Appalachia. It is a small, blue house in the middle of the forest.

In the house you will find a butchered Mr. Handy, a creepy decorated nursery and a special, dead resident. On the loo sits a RAD cockroach with melon, walking stick and a wedding ring.

What is this Easter Egg about? The allusion probably only fans of the Fallout series and also here are few in Germany. It refers to “The Final Pam,” a character the US side Polygon has created in a Let’s Play.

“The Final Pam” is a pretty ugly and crazy lady, with whom the two presenters in their series “Monster Factory” do a lot of nonsense in Fallout 4. But “The Final Pam” quickly became a phenomenon and a meme that immortalized Bethesda in Fallout 76 at Fallout 4.

Which are your favorite easter eggs in Fallout 76?

If you are well versed in Appalachia and already knew these easter eggs, our quiz will be easy for you: