Fallout 76 – Weekly Challenges & More Updates Unveiled

Fallout 76

Despite the holiday, the world is not standing still in ‘Fallout 76’, which will provide you with new survival challenges in the coming weeks that Bethesda is introducing today.

If you succeed, six legendary weapons await you, with others following in new challenges. Furthermore, the survival mode is again a few revised, which Bethesda comments as follows:

“Earlier this month,  Patch 8 introduced a number of enhancements based on community suggestions. Thus, the number of auxiliary items has been significantly reduced, the players drop in their demise. When players mutilate each other, fewer bottle caps change hands. The main statistics in the rankings is now “killed players” instead of “longest survival”. This will highlight the three players on the map who have the most Vault residents on their conscience. We believe that these are positive changes to the survival mode beta and would like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us. “

The latest from the Vault Report is also about the renovated ranking lists, the CAMP protection in survival mode, as well as general adaptations of the CAMPS The detailed article, including the details of the challenges, is available on the official website of Bethesda.