Fortnite Fixes An Exploit In Record Time – Profi Only Upset It


At Fortnite, professional gamers usually blame developer Epic for reacting too slowly to bugs and problems. As Epic now resolved an exploit in a short time, the professional player Dennis “Cloak” Lepore’s collar burst.

What kind of exploit was that? The players have discovered a trick to customize their “Field of View”, their field of vision. By playing around with Fortnite’s game files, they were able to tweak the settings.

This allowed them to play Fortnite, in principle, back in the “stretch” resolution, where models appear a bit wider and easier to hit.

However, Epic does not want that: they have explicitly forbidden professionals to change the resolution. During competitive matches like the current Fortnite World Cup, everyone should play in the standard resolution, “Native”.

That was a real problem for many professionals who got used to stretched eyes.

Therefore, the joy of a player was great now, when he supposedly found a way to play like he did before: with the exploit.

The professional player Faze Cloak praised the new resolution: The game looks so “great” and it was in 1920, he said live in the stream.

Cloak is considered one of the best Fortnite players in the world after winning the Winter Skirmish with his partner Tfue and more than $ 250,000 in prize money.

The exploit was repaired so quickly: even before the resolution exploit got around, Epic had already reacted.

A player had inquired in the Discord whether the “FOV slider trick” was allowed. If so, many would certainly use it in the World Cup qualification on Saturday, 20.4.

As announced in the Discord by Fortnite, Epic fixed the problem in no time.

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Twitch Video

In the Discord by Fortnite, a player asks if you will be banned for this trick. But shortly afterwards the exploit was already fixed. Source: Reddit

That’s why the professional is so upset: The professional Dennis “Cloak” Lepore takes the quick fix as an opportunity for criticism of Epic. According to him, it would have taken only 30 minutes to fix the bug.

  • This little thing will be repaired within a short time
  • In contrast to serious bugs that are in the game – and would not be eliminated for months.

Cloak is one of the players who have been criticizing Epic in recent weeks, such as setting the resolution on Native or the rule of the shooter in Fortnite.

It was also Cloak who pointed out that Fortnite’s $ 30 million world championship will run with three different seasons and three fundamentally different versions of Fortnite.

This is behind it: Even in the competitive Fortnite part of Reddit, unrest is spreading over the fix. Many would like to have the “Field of View” slider as a feature and more control over how they play Fortnite.

The players feel patronized by Epic. Currently, the mood between Fortnite and its e-athletes seems to be wider, so that it often comes to frictions and conflicts – especially where there is so much money during the World Cup.