Fortnite: That’s Why The Stream Of Tfue And xQc Was A Highlight On Twitch


The Streamer Tfue is considered one of the best players in the world. xQc is known for his rages live on Twitch. When they ‘re together on Twitch in Fortnite, that’s an interesting mix of anger, skill and laughter. The shared stream was a highlight on Twitch.

Who are the two streamer?

  • Turner “Tfue” Tenney (22) is considered one of the world’s best Fortnite players . The American has also been one of the biggest streamers for a while: he is in third place with over 5.7 million followers.
  • Felix “xQc” Lengyel (23) is a Variety streamer, best known for Overwatch. The Canadian ranks 57th on Twitch with 1.1 million followers. He is known for his outbursts live in the stream.

What is the attraction of the two? The two streamers were together on Fortnite on Good Friday. Apparently the chemistry between them was right and the audience loved the interaction.

From the common stream, several scenes were created that received much attention:

  • Tfue is a pro in Fortnite, whose playing style impresses again and again.
  • Although xQc is a strong shooter player, he is not as skilled in this particular game as Tfue. At a high level in Fortnite, it’s all about building something fast, changing buildings or adapting to new situations at lightning speed.

When both are on the road, an interesting dynamic arises.

These scenes showed: In one scene xQc is cornered by an opponent and dies without a chance. For Tfue and the audience, it looks like xQc is panicking, is in the wrong mode and dies really stupid.

But xQc immediately blames his keyboard for it, and you hear him loudly slam the keyboard on his desk while Tfue gets a laugh and slips off his chair.

In the second scene, xQc watches his partner, Tfue. Tfue plays excellently in a one-on-one situation at the end of a match and can clearly win the fight, while xQc does not even get out of astonishment and celebrates the victory of his partner with a primal scream.

Twitch 1

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Twitch 2

This is how others react: In general, the stream is perceived as smoother. On Twitter, more scenes are shared, which mostly consist of tantrums by xQc, which are even funnier, because Tfue it doing.

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