That’s Why The Head Of Star Citizen Believes Anthem Is Currently Worse Off Than It Is


The online RPG Anthem is currently being treated worse than it would be fair. At least the boss of Star Citizen, Chris Roberts.

Anthem is arguably one of the most contentious games of 2019. In addition to many playful criticisms, revelations about working practices at BioWare made headlines and did not throw much light on the game.

However, not everything is bad and much needs only a little improvement – at least Chris Roberts, the boss behind the developing game Star Citizen.

Where was this claimed? In an interview with Newsweek, Roberts talked about Star Citizen’s evolution, comparing it to Anthem.

“I played it [Anthem]. So I know that a lot of good stuff is in it. Good things that work, but also some things that do not work. (…) I hope that EA and BioWare are not giving up, getting their heads in, getting to work and improving things for them to work. “

Chris Roberts

There are many games that are “completely ruined,” but that’s not the case with Anthem.

Roberts compares Anthem to No Man’s Sky, which also got a lot of trouble because the expectations of the game were much higher. But the team of No Man’s Sky got the curve. Now the perception has changed.

Obviously Roberts trusts BioWare with Anthem too.

Anthem has the EA disadvantage: Another factor in the poor perception of Anthem is the reputation of EA in the players, Roberts believes.

EA has a reputation for breaking things. Add to that Mass Effect Andromeda, which felt like it had been released too soon.

This feeling would have players now at Anthem as well.

Only the negative voices were loud: The debate over the hard “Crunch Time” at BioWare, which was revealed by Kotaku, Roberts looks rather critical. Only those who had experienced a negative experience would have reported there. There were certainly many at BioWare, who would have had a much more positive experience.

At Star Citizen, make an effort to stick to the 40-hour workweek. Overall, the industry is making a lot of progress here.

Anthem has to do that now: Roberts believes that a game like Anthem has to be reworked again and again to make it good.

Most players do not understand how difficult it is to deliver something that works well. There are things that work and others do not. Destiny was also an ongoing process.

He also draws parallels here to his game Star Citizen: Since it is similar.

Roberts from Anthem wishes there was a bit more and it was a bit deeper. The story and the lore Roberts wishes something more dynamic.

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