This Is How The Division 2 Wants To Lure You Into The Dark Zone: Better Prey, Less Damage

the division 2

In  The Division 2, the PvP is still broke one month after release. But that should change. Massive apparently wants to make the PvP zone “Dark Zone” more attractive with better loot. Also, many changes to PvP are planned in the next update.

This is how the Dark Zone is conceived: Originally in Part 1, the “Dark Zone” was to become a key USP of The Division.

Players fight against NPCs and other players in the Dark Zones. They capture “contaminated loot” and have to bring it to safety to use it. However, the loot can be stolen from other players.

In “The Division 1” the Dark Zone was a controversial topic right at the beginning. Frustration was inevitable when a good loot was stolen from alleged friends who went “rogue” and became enemies.

In the first presentations, Massive campaigned with this “adrenaline and betrayal” zone. She coined the image of The Division.

That’s the problem with the Dark Zone in The Division 2: PvP has not made waves in The Division 2 yet. Hardly anyone is talking about the Dark Zone:

  • Generally it is said, the new Dark Zones, there are now several, are just too empty. People can walk around in the Dark Zone forever without hitting human opponents.
  • While the campaign has been highly praised by The Division 2, PvP is unattractive.
  • The PvP is considered badly balanced. With strong DPS builds, players can kill others without knowing what they ‘ve gotten. Spoiler alert: It was usually a bullet from a sniper rifle.

So Massive wants to strengthen the Dark Zone now : In the State of the Game Massive has introduced changes to the Dark Zone, which will go live soon. The changes are currently being tested on the test server, which is still active until May 2, but can only be accessed by PC players:

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  • In the Dark Zone, Gear will drop with an item level of up to 515, which is stronger than what’s usually there (up to 500) – except in the Raid when it comes
  • In addition, the item level of all players to be normalized to 500 – the weaker players go up, the stronger down
  • the damage in the dark zone falls significantly, the modifier drops from 70% to 40% – the weapon types have been specially adapted to PvP
  • In addition, players will do less damage when firing from the hip, because the damage bonus for critical hits and for headshot hits will be canceled
  • They want to make the “Thieves Den” more attractive so that players can find special ammunition there when they change their weapons
  • There should be more contaminated loot and fewer patrols
  • Landmarks should cooldown so players do not always farm the same and move more
  • the NPCs should be able to do less damage and pocket a little more

That’s the big answer : Massive wants to reduce the number of “Dark Zone” brackets to two to get more players into the Dark Zone:

  • All players between 1 and 30 should play together
  • and all players who are already in the world ranks, you roll in another Dark Zone bracket together

This is to guarantee that 12 people are in the Dark Zone.

In the long term, further changes are planned for the Dark Zone in The Division 2.

This is behind it: Apparently the Dark Zone in The Division 2 does not work as planned. Massive seems dissatisfied with the current state. That’s why the changes are profound.

We will report in the next few days how the PC-players accept the “new dark zone” on the test server.

Massive is currently planning numerous changes in the next patch. It seems they are plowing half the game.

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