Huge MMO Company Supposedly Wants To Be Bought By Disney


The Korean MMO giant Nexon (Maple Story) is for sale. Allegedly, the founder keeps a big deal on Disney and contacted them to arrange a sale. It’s more than $ 13 billion.

It’s all about this company: Nexon is one of the largest MMO companies in the world. They are mainly active in Asia and serve the PC market and the mobile market there for many years with Online.Games.

One of Nexon’s most popular MMORPGs is Maple Story – but in Korea they also sell titles like Final Fantasy XIV, Counter Strike Online or Dungeon Fighter Online, the most lucrative PC game in the world.

The latest hit is the mobile game “Traha.”

Why is the company for sale? The boss and founder of the company, Jung-ju Kim, and his wife control most of Nexon’s shares. But apparently Kim is tired and wants to retire from the business.

After a lawsuit in which he was accused of corruption , he should now plan the sale of all shares. That’s been known for months.

Possible prospects are:

  • Korean competitors such as Netmarble or Cocoa, the publisher of Black Desert
  • Western corporations like EA and Amazon
  • as well as investors
  • The Chinese giant Tencent should also be involved

But of all companies there are only the news for months: No comment.

MapleStory – important game for Nexon

What’s up with Disney? As the Korean news site “The Central Times” reports (translation via Korean Herald), Nexon’s boss has now personally contacted a senior Disney boss to discuss the sale of the shares.

The source is the “International Banking Industry”.

The purchase price is about 13.2 billion US dollars. Further details are unknown.

Kim Jung-ju had made a positive statement about Disney in 2015. He said then:

“What I love most about Disney is that they do not push money out of the kids … the customers are happy to pay for Disney. Nexon still has a long way to go. Some people hate Nexon to the death. “

One thing is clear : Nexon is for sale and who buys it, overnight becomes one of the world’s largest players in the field of “online gaming.”

But those who finally buy it seem to be open at the moment.

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