Look Out Pro In FIFA 19 Tells How He Did It


How do you become FIFA 19 professional? Marcel “DonChap28” German and manager Teoman Arslan tell how the career of pro-gamer looks like – and how everyday life is shaped.

This is Marcel “DonChap28” German: DonChap28 is considered one of the best FIFA gamers in Germany and will soon be in the Grand Final of the virtual Bundesliga. He plays under the banner of “L4K eSports” for the “Team Paranoia”.

So Marcel Deutscher became a Pro

Professional career not planned: The profession of professional gamers is not the most common. No wonder then that the career is not exactly prescribed – even with Marcel “DonChap28” German not: “I had not planned that,” says the professional

“I played FIFA from small because I also played soccer in real life. I had also played FIFA 12 online, but then it all started with a fee. I had not seen that at the time. “

A few years later, however, that was about to change: several knee surgeries took the enthusiastic footballer out of circulation: “That’s when I thought I’d try to play online.”

And that worked better than expected: “Due to the results in the Weekend League, you will eventually notice: I have often reached the Top100 and appeared in the world rankings.”

Difference between pro and casual gamers

That made the difference with DonChap28: How could Marcel Deutscher develop so fast to a top player? The football background plays a big role according to German: “I know almost every player inside out. For example, if the opponent plays with Robben, I can almost ignore shots with my right foot – in most cases, nothing happens anyway. “

Knowing the opponent’s players could decide on victory and defeat: “At the VBL I had an opponent who told me about it, he did not know if Delaney is left or right foot. That gave me a decisive advantage in the attack – he did not know where to defend. “

This distinguishes Germans from the competition: even the age of almost 27 years old plays a certain role. In the scene you expect more with a performance drop, the older you get. DonChap28, however, has the advantage over the often much younger competitors: “I have already experienced a bit, have a completed vocational training. I can go there sometimes relaxed. “

At the end of the tournament, the mentality could be the deciding factor: “I stay relatively calm and do not get upset. It helps in many situations – the more you get upset, the more your performance suffers. “

Can you live on it?

That’s how the professional is financed: he can now live off FIFA games. And that only a few months after he hung up his old job as a fitness trainer for the eSportsman’s career: “There was simply no time left for that,” says Deutscher.

But that is only possible through the team and the agency, which supports him monthly with a salary, says Marcel Deutscher. To live exclusively on the tournaments is extremely difficult. The prize money in the scene would have improved, but are still relatively low, if you do not win the big tournaments every time.

For example, a back top 5 finish at a prestigious Singapore final would not even bring in $ 1,000, says the pro. And getting there is hard enough.

It takes more than just performance

It all comes as a professional: After the first successes in the online scene, it did not take too long until Teoman Arslan of L4K Sports became aware of German and signed the aspiring FIFA player under contract.

Good performance on the controller but are not enough for this: “In addition to playful talent, the player has to bring a lot of discipline and stamina, games can analyze,” said Arslan: “If the performance is right, the external presentation must be right. The player must be able to positively represent a brand. “

Even a pronounced representation in the social media help a lot to become interesting for agencies.

That means: Only because you can playfully keep up, you do not become a pro professional. After all, even pros lose – even Marcel Deutscher: “Then I get news, ‘I’ve defeated DonChap’, how do I get into the team?”, Says Arslan: “And then you’re at the explain.”

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How is the everyday life of a professional?

So much FIFA plays a pro a day: So the road to becoming a professional is not so easy. And once you’ve made it, it will not be easier: From now on, a lot of training is required. “The amateur and the professional distinguish the time invested,” says Arslan.

In particular, when the new version of FIFA comes out, the training effort is high: “It also plays 6, 7 hours a day,” says DonChap28: “To be better, you have to play a lot.”

But this is relaxing towards the end of the season. Assuming that you are no longer qualified for the big finals: “Then you have a summer break until the next part. That can almost be too long. “

How a professional trains: The advantage of joining a club with good professionals at an early stage: “Then you have your training partners and can analyze your games.”

For example, through the contacts of his eSport agency, he had the opportunity to train with former German champion Cihan Yasarlar.

Training is not just about playing 1-on-1. Rather, the game is constantly interrupted after critical scenes and small-scale optimized. It helps immensely when an already successful professional acts as a mentor.

Training is not everything

These factors also play a role: Training alone, however, is not enough to beat the competition reliably. Because it is strong: “All who participate in an official tournament, FIFA can play,” says Arslan.

That’s why minor things can be crucial in such situations: “You have to be physically fit at the level. You start at tournaments in the morning, playing games from noon to night, you have to concentrate and sit all the time, “explains German, who trains four to five times a week in the gym – even as compensation:” I’m a lot involved my dog ​​on the way. “

So important is the right diet: The subject of nutrition in the scene is also still greatly underestimated: “Many draw while playing a Coke or eat a bag of chips. You may not believe that, but at a certain point of time, that will affect your concentration. If you have the sugar in you, you realize that. “

FIFA requires changes

So the pros stand for the many FIFA updates: Another factor that separates not only Pro from casual gamers, but also decide on victory and defeat: the ability to change.

“A pro always has to readjust to every update. The game feels different at every tournament, “says Arslan. You have to be able to completely customize your game. Especially after the patch earlier this year , the game has changed extremely. And that can be quite frustrating, as Marcel Deutscher also revealed in the stream at MAX:

This version is played at tournaments: Not only the numerous updates on FIFA 19 require flexibility. Tournaments also use a special eSports version of the game. Although it should bring fewer errors on the course, but can still cause confusion.

“That’s a change. The gameplay is slower, it does not happen much bad, “explains DonChap28, but also had problems with it:” The first time we were allowed to test it briefly and I’ve found: That’s a very different game. Then I could think about it all night. “

FIFA at leisure? Rather not

This is gambled in the spare time: Since the professional job already occupies most of the day anyway, FIFA plays in the spare time barely a role: “With buddies you play from time to Pro Clubs , because it is quite funny. But against each other – that brings nothing to my buddy and that brings me nothing, “explains German.

If anything, then other games are gambled with friends – after all, you want to see something other than just the virtual football field: “I think at the level hardly anyone plays with his friends FIFA. You’re more likely to play Fortnite or something like that. “

Nevertheless, you will see DonChap28 playing FIFA more often outside of tournaments next season: Pro plans its own YouTube channel for the upcoming season. But you can already get his tips on how to get better quickly:

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