New Dialogue In Destiny 2 Suggests: We Players Are Gods

Destiny 2

At Destiny 2, there is now evidence that we players are playing a role in the story of Destiny 2. The most mysterious characters in Destiny 2 talk about gamers as people who can “leave the game”. Does Destiny 2 break the fourth wall?

What is the fourth wall? The 4th wall is the wall through which we watch characters in a fictitious world, such as the screen of our television or the stage at the theater.

The term “breakthrough of the fourth wall” is used when characters in a fictive work (a movie or a video game) turn directly to the viewer and signal that they know their existence.

When they break through the 4th wall, the figures are aware that they are just made up and that there is another, “real level”, on the other side of the screen.

Players now find evidence that Destiny 2 is doing the same or at least playing with this idea.

Are the nine and the messenger talking about us?

That’s the hint: in the latest dialogue between “Nine” and “Botin,” the characters apparently talk about us, the player.

So the Emmissary says: No one is like him, he has abilities that the Nine would not believe. He can leave this place.

The Nine against, they could leave the plane too.

The messenger says: “Think bigger, he can leave the game.”

That’s probably too high for Nine.

When the player plays a Guardian, it says in the place “No one is like her. She can leave the game. “

This makes it clear that the Emissary speaks of the player character.

A guardian says: On reddit, guardian BC1096, who is enthusiastic about the lore, has deduced from the scene that this must be true, which he already suspects the whole time.

In his view, the crowd and the powerful Ahamkara in the game know that they are only part of a game, and the player is practically “God” in this world, existing only for his pleasure.

He has already inferred from scattered lore hints and sees it confirmed in the latest dialogue.

Therefore, the mythical Ahamkara would seek to leave the game and become existences in the reality of the players. So the Ahamkara Riven are happy when players defeat them in Destiny 2, because they already “become real” through the fight with the players – after all, it employs people in the real world and thus influences.

Therefore, she also says, “She is now part of you,” after she is vanquished.

The user continues to spin his theory and explains game mechanics in Destiny 2 with this logic:

  • “The darkness” would be the server end
  • our “real world” is actually a throne world
  • the other timelines Osiris talks about are just the “Destiny 2 games” that other gamers are playing

Why are players then gods? By logic, we are players in Destiny 2 invincible. We could waltz 2000 times and still be alive. You always win because you can not lose, the user explains on reddit.

Even if you delete your character and install the game, you have won, because you have also deleted all the enemies Destiny 2 could ever throw at you.

Always trouble with space kites

There are still some clues : In fact, some of the guardians of this theory have been turning their heads for some time now, finding clues that Destiny 2 is winking at the player.

As it says in the Lore description of the exotic helmet “skull of the terrible Ahamkara (via db.destinytracker ):

All I know is that YOU are not an illusion. Roger that? This world around you, the people you meet, that’s all a little bit, is not it? Cardboard and drywall. Cheap theater. Come on, try it! Say “I’m more real than that!” Feels good, right? “I’m the only real person here.” And already their insults and guns … soft. I am here for you.

Only because of you, because you are special. And together we can burn our way back. What do you think, oh my player?

Lore text to skull of the terrible Ahamkara

It’s all up to you : the question is whether Destiny 2 is really pursuing such an obscure idea, or is it just a matter of little jokes and a wink from the developers?

For some players, the idea of ​​being gods seems to bring joy.

Ever since the release of Destiny, players have been waiting for a “twist” that turns history upside down. Until now, people often thought that the twist was “we are actually the bad guys.”