Players Want To Lock Out Chinese So They Do Not Break Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a big problem with hackers for some time now. But this is probably even greater in some parts of the world than in Europe. Some fans see the reason in Chinese players and demand a regio-lock for China.

Who wants to lock out the Chinese? The player Xenton wrote a long post on reddit , in which he again drew attention to the hacker problem. The thread reached in a short time more than 3000 upvotes with about 97% approval. (As of: 21st of April)

In his post, Xenton explains that the problem with hackers is particularly evident in Oceania (OCE) and Southeast Asia (SEA). Players from these regions, but also from North America and Japan, agree to the post.

That’s the problem with the Chinese: Xenton sees the problem of hackers and cheaters, especially on the PC, in China. He deals with his own experience and cultural differences.

According to Xenton, who claims to have grown up in China, China has an extremely competitive mindset that drives Chinese people to be “the best.” However, this not only means simply being “better”, but also distinguishing oneself from others. The others must be worse.

Xenton explains this cultural “problem” in another post. Chinese should use every advantage they can get, including hacks . And that is not even reprehensible from the Chinese point of view:

If you can hack and the game does not stop you, you should hack. If the developers did not want you to chop, they would have closed the holes in their program or banned you directly. It is their responsibility to stop hackers. Otherwise it’s my right to hack.

How do Chinese people break Apex Legends? In Apex Legends this leads to ever louder complaints about hackers, especially on the PC. Since players can also choose their region manually, this is particularly critical in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Here, the Chinese hackers cavort, as they do not want to do that according to Xenton on their home server China and because they still have a reasonably acceptable ping there.

But since both OCE and SEA have very few players, it would happen that in every second to fifth game a Chinese hacker would be found.

The regular players have thereby less and less drive to play. Games like PUBG, H1Z1 and Day-Z would be unplayable in these regions. You can wait over five hours and find a full game.

According to Xenton, the problem is not just hacks, but also “teaming”.

As “teaming” he refers to the merger of Chinese players who do not play together in a team. So they can form teams beyond the actual squad size of three players and win in excess numbers fights and games, so that the “foreigners” lose.

How to proceed against this: As a solution, the players see a regio-lock, similar to how he was already introduced to genre colleagues PUBG. The players want to exclude Chinese, so that they can no longer play on OCE and SEA servers.

However, since these regio-locks can be bypassed through a VPN (virtual network to simulate another location), a “ping-lock” is an alternative. Players with too high a ping could then no longer participate.

Although Apex Legends is already coming up with new features against cheaters and the cheaters even complain about it , but apparently the problem is still present.

What do you think of the solution?

Some providers even boast of their profits: