So Cool, Players Dress Up In Final Fantasy XIV As Anime And Gaming Characters

Players in Final Fantasy XIV love to dress up. And sometimes really cool cosplay of characters from anime or other games. We have collected 10 of them for you.

There is a saying among fans of FFXIV that says “Glamor is the real endgame”. This basically means that players invest more time and money to make their characters look prettier than actual Raid content.

The saying is not so wrong. FFXIV players have loads of fun dressing up. And they manage to put together really cool in-game cosplay.

Here’s the coolest and funniest cosplay of anime, gaming, and pop culture characters recreated with in-game gear:

Aerith from Final Fantasy VII

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? To rebuild the cosplay yourself, you need the following equipment:

  • A Spenzer shell. Patrizier or linen Spenzer are well suited
  • Spring skirt or another ankle-length skirt.
  • The hairstyle does not need to be unlocked, it’s at the beautician

So that your Aerith but faithfully uses a stick, you have to play the job white magician. There you can choose a weapon that you like.

Alice in Wonderland

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? For these cosplays you need the following clothes:

  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum: velvet beret, linen spencer, patrician pants, wool gala shoes
  • White Rabbit: Linen Spenzer, Rabbit Crown or Silver Leaf Rabbit Kabuto, Wool Legs
  • Mad Hatter: Evening Star Hat, Tailor of the Eternal Passion, Valention Pants, Valention Trippen
  • Alice: Valention apron dress or housemaid apron, maid of honor pantyhose, Valention triplets
  • Red Queen: Butcher’s Crown, Swan Pride Mantle, Spring Skirt
  • Cards: Cotton waistcoat, Cotton Gambenson, Linen Gaskin

The Mad Hatter must inevitably play a magician job to wear the evening star hat. And the queen has to be a healer for the swan pride top. Otherwise, there are no job-specific restrictions.

Sailor Warrior and Tudexo Mask

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? If you want to make your own Sailor Warrior or Tuxedo Mask, then you need one of the following:

  • The Sailor Warriors all wear the Sailor Shirt.
  • As shoes you can take for the warriors either maid of honor sandals, boots of the gambler, dragon leather boots or noble shoes
  • For the head, you can take a Carborundum Circlet of Healing, Bombattant Circlet, Royal Crown, Tiara of the Fairy Tale Princess, or a brass browband with matching gemstone
  • Tuxedo Mask wears the lost thief’s hat and one of the three tops: Tail of the Eternal Passion, Butler Jacket or Groomsmen Jacket
  • For Queen Serenity you need a spring dress, spring skirt and the tiara of the fairytale princess

Except for the Tuxedo Mask, who has to be a ranged fighter, there are no hard constraints on job selection.

Link and Zelda

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? To recreate Link and Zelda cosplay in FFXIV, you do not have to be Lalafells. The following things are enough for this:

  • Link: Crescent moon top, hemp tunic, any tights (cotton, hemp) and Dodore boots. Sword and Shield are the anima weapons of the Paladin
  • Zelda: Tiara of the fairy-tale princess, Ao Dai (alternatively also Thavnair bustier), skirt of the fairy-tale princess and gloves of the fairytale princess

To create a sword and shield you have to be a paladin in FFXIV.

Dante from Devil May Cry

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? The stylish DMC Cosplay you can easily make the following things:

  • Upper part: Uräusmantel
  • Gloves: Bat Mitten, Nezha Men’s Gloves, or any Fingerless Glove
  • Trousers: Beliebiege long trousers such as strife trousers, Leonhart trousers, researcher or woolly-Kecks

To swing a Greatsword like Dante, you have to play a Dark Knight in FFXIV.

Twins from The Shining

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? In order to play this cosplay effectively, your character must belong to the people of Lalafell. Otherwise you need the following things:

  • Headdress: White daisy hair clip
  • Top: Maid of honor dress
  • Shoes: housewife pumps or alternative Quaintrelle patent leather shoes

There are no job-specific restrictions for this cosplay.

Bibi Blocksberg

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? For how cute this cosplay is, it is very simple. You need:

  • Upper: Young Scout Shirt
  • Pants: Lalafell bloomers
  • Any low shoes: Fur Shoes, Boy Scout Boots, Dinosaur Leather Shoes
  • The mount is the witches broom

To replicate the cosplay as well, you have to be a Lalafell, because the pants can only be worn by this people. Alternatively, for example, you can take the crescent moon knickers.

Assassin’s Creed

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? If you also want to look like an assassin in FFXIV then you need these things:

  • Hat: Marihuans Dome of Scouting or Hitting and Double Silk Dome of Healing
  • Top: Kudzu Tunic of Scouting and Gazelle Leather Cloak of Healing
  • Gloves: Sky Rat grappling hook
  • Pants: Chimera-style skirt and double-sided leggings of healing
  • Shoes: Scouting Tiger leather knee boots and Gazelle leather boots of healing

There are pretty tight job restrictions for both cosplay. You have to either play a ninja, a monk or a healer class to dress up as an assassin.

Mario, Luigi and Peach

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? This cosplay is not difficult to replicate. The following things were used:

  • Peach wears the complete princess princess set
  • Mario and Luigi each wear a leather cap, Anemos shirt with suspenders, Tantalus riding trousers and dinosaur leather shoes, as well as gloves

Job-specific restrictions for these cosplays do not exist. But not all peoples have the matching mustache of Mario

Son Goku

Which armor does the cosplay consist of? Also, this cosplay is not complicated and does not require items from the mogo kiosk. You need:

  • Top: beginner vest, hemp vest or cotton vest
  • Gloves: Leather or Juchleder wrist guards
  • Trousers: Lay Legs, Wool Legs
  • Shoes: beating leather boots of beating or rain boots

For the armor parts, there are no restrictions in the job selection, but let’s be honest: A Son Goku character should already play a monk.

Moreover, the matching hairstyle is exclusive to the men of the Au Ra.

If you are waiting for the next expansion of Shadowbringer, you can try these cosplays.