This Is In Sony’s Playstation 5 – Finally, The First Official Details Known


System Architect Mark Cerny has now revealed in an interview first official information about the Sony Next Gen console. This is known so far about the new hardware of the PS5.

Directly from Sony’s US headquarters in Foster City, California, the first official details of Sony’s next generation of consoles are finally coming.

System Architect Mark Cerny, who was also responsible for the technical design of the PS4, broke the silence in an interview with the Wired site.

That’s been known about the PS5 so far

In the interview, Cerny went on, among other things, the hardware, the release and a feature of the upcoming Sony console.

So it’s currently up to the new Sony console: The console, where Sony has tinkered the last 4 years, is already in the hands of the game developers – in the form of so-called development kits.

Whether the final product will actually carry the name PlayStation 5 (PS5) is unclear. Although the name suggests, but during the interview Cerny called the new hardware throughout as “Next-Gen-Console”.

The hardware of the PlayStation 5: The new hardware is not just a simple upgrade. In the upcoming Sony console is a CPU based on the third generation of the AMD Ryzen – with 8 cores and a 7nm Zen-2 architecture.

At the same time, Cerny tapped a new 3D audio technology as part of the new chipset, pointing to a “dramatically different” surround sound experience.

The PS5’s GPU is custom built and based on AMD’s Radeon Navi and will support Ray Tracing. Resolutions up to 8K are supported.

In addition, the next-gen PlayStation will have an SSD and no longer an HDD. The bandwidth of the built-SSD should be greater than anything that you can currently find on the PC. This should reduce the loading times.

Also a physical drive will be on board with the PS5.

Backward compatibility: In addition to initial hardware details, Cerny has talked about a feature that should please many fans. The PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games and will also support PlayStation VR in this context. However, Cerny did not want to reveal anything about Sony’s plans for next-gen VR.

When should the new console come? A release date for Sony’s next generation of consoles did not name Cherny. However, he made it clear that the new hardware can not be expected in 2019 anymore.

However, he hinted that probably some upcoming titles could appear on both the current and the upcoming console. For example, there was a vague hint for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

What do you think of the details? Will Sony’s new console meet your Next-Gen needs?