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Suicide Squad Game Is Designed To Provide Multiplayer And Loot System

Sucide Squad

It has been speculated for some time that Warner Bros. is developing a Suicide Squad game. If a leak should come true, we will soon see more of it.

The info for the “Suicide Squad” game comes from a supposed marketing mail from Warner Bros., in which the staff should be informed about the state of development and the upcoming presentations. Visually, it is based on what we have already seen in the leak to Mortal Kombat 11, which later turned out to be correct.

The gamers should hope that the game implementation is better than the movie adaptation. 

According to the info letter (via Resetera ), the game will provide Suicide Squad with a multiplayer and a loot system. As the first location the players on Gotham should be let go. Currently, we are working on a reveal trailer, which then presents the whole concept on June 4, 2019. Jason Schreier, editor of Kotaku with tremendous contacts in the gaming industry, was asked about the leak and just replied, “I do not want to spoil it.”

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Live services, team-focused gameplay and the aforementioned elements sound like games like Destiny or The Division. How could this be diverted into a game of the Suicide Squad? If the leak is proven, then we will know soon. What do you think of the supposed information about the new Warner Bros. game?