Pokémon GO: The Best 4th Generation Pokémon Is Still Missing

Pokemon GO

The 4th generation in Pokémon GO has been around for about half a year, but Pokémon is still missing. Including the best Pokémon of this generation.

What is the best Pokémon from Gen 4? Knakrack, a Pokémon of Type Ground and Flight, is still missing. It is almost the Dragoran or Brutalanda 4th generation, only better and in addition of type ground.

The Pokémon is one of the 18 4th generation Pokémon that are not legendary or mysterious and are still missing.

We tell you what makes the Pokémon so strong and why you should have it.

That’s how strong Knakrack is in Pokémon GO

How to get Knakrack: The Pokémon develops from Kaumalat and Knarksel. Logically, these Pokémon are still missing and will probably be quite rare in the wild.

What can Knakrack do? So that you have an overview of Knakrack, we show you here his values:

  • Maximum WP: 3962
  • Attack value: 261
  • Defense value: 193
  • KP value: 239

What do the values ​​tell us? From the WP, Knakrack is the strongest non-legendary Pokémon in the game. Letarking is the exception here, but this Pokémon is completely useless as it has an instant attack that does no damage.

His attack value is one of the top 20 and his other values ​​make Knakrack also bear plenty of damage.

That makes Knakrack so strong: Considering Knakrack as a pure ground or dragon attacker, he is indeed very strong, but there are some alternatives.

But since it has solid attacks on both types and can do good damage, Knakrack is so important and strong.

Is it the best 4th generation Pokémon? What the strongest Pokémon is in the game is a matter of interpretation. Of the utility Knakrack plays but at the top and you can use it both effectively with his types, but also as a good all-rounder use.

There are some legendary 4th generation Pokémon, but there is not really a Pokémon stand out there. Of the non-legendary Pokémon you already have a very strong Pokémon in play with Rameidon, but it is just of Type Rock. Knakrack has two important types.

Rameidon is also a strong Pokémon, but Knakrack could be even more useful

When will it finally happen? In October 2018, about 6 months ago, the first 4th generation Pokémon came into play . Pokémon is still missing and an exact release date is unknown.

You have to be patient until Knakrack and other missing Pokémon come into play.

Have you heard of the return of Shiny Meltan?

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