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The Last Easter Egg Of Spider-man Was Revealed


A game like Spider-Man is littered with Easter eggs and allusions. So it’s even more amazing that the developers have now revealed a secret that nobody has ever seen before.

You played Spider-Man? Well, developer Elan Ruskin, the PS4 hit programmer, revealed that you did not see everything under warranty. Because an Easter Egg has hidden from the eyes of all fans. Because it also takes place under her nose or rather below Spider-Man’s natural habitat.

For in Spider-Man, there are passers-by who are modeled after orthodox Jewish people. These – so Ruskin – do not appear in the game if you play on a Saturday. This day is dedicated to the Sabbath, when most believers stay at home and rest.

The DLC “Revierkämpfe” for Spider-Man.

If you want to check it out, you have to wait for next Saturday to play Spider-Man. Or you change the system clock of the console. Because it is decided whether the NPCs appear in the game or not.