This Happens With The Tauren Baine In The Next WoW Patch


The Horde story in World of Warcraft continues. We reveal what happens to Baine in the next big patch.

The fate of Baine Bloodhound interests many players of World of Warcraft. The last stand was that Baine was taken prisoner by Sylvanas after Derek had handed over Proudon to the Alliance. Baine was taken away and put in chains. In patch 8.2, his story continues. We reveal how the war campaign is developing.

Spoiler warning: If you do not want to know how the story of Baine and the Horde will continue, you should not read on. You have been warned.

This is how the Horde Quest Series begins: Blood Elf leader Lor’themar Theron gets a vision from a Tauren shaman. He learns that Baine will not live the next day and should be executed. Lor’themar then explains that he wants to do something and wants to “turn contacts”.

So the quest line starts with the Alliance: King Anduin seeks out Jaina and asks her to free Baine from the clutches of the Banshee queen Sylvanas. Since Baine has previously handed over Derek to Jaina, she agrees to help with this task. That Anduin wants to start a rescue mission at all is logical, because Baine and Anduin were good friends for a long time and even kept in touch letter contact until Sylvanas learned about it.

Orgrimmar Infiltration: As Alliance players infiltrate alongside Jaina and Matthias Shaw (Stormwind’s spy chief), Horde players sneak through town with Saurfang and an old acquaintance – Thrall (with a new model) . The destination is the halls under Orgrimmar, formerly used by Garrosh.

The Alliance is also destroying some experimental Azerit weapons, while the Horde version states that these halls were reopened by Vol’jin to protect them from the demon attacks that took place throughout the world during Legion.

A decision for the Horde players: It is also exciting that players of the Horde have to make another decision in the course of this quest series. You can tell Nathanos that Thrall and Saurfang are trying to free Baine.

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The game explicitly points out that “you will remember it” if you do not announce the rescue attempt to Nathanos first, showing your loyalty to Sylvanas. What impact this will have in the long term is not yet known.

Baine Bait Trap: Only before the place where Baine is held captive, the two parties meet. There is a little dialogue before everyone goes to Baine together. Baine is not pleased, but worried. He tells the group that all this is a trap and the Banshee queen already knows that they wanted to save him.

Raid by the Sunreavers: At that moment, many blood elves turn up and reveal themselves as Sunreavers wanting revenge. Jaina had expelled all the blood elves from Dalaran at the time, and many of them simply executed after some Sunreavers betrayed them and the Alliance. Magister Hathorel is one of those blood elves who escaped and now seeks revenge.

After the fight the escape succeeds and both sides return to their homeland. There, the parties declare that they are cooperating with the other side for the time being in order to fight back Azshara. Jaina still wants “justice” for Teldrassil. In addition, one hopes that in a little more time the “resistance in the Horde against Sylvanas gains strength”. Apparently you want to sit out the thing for now and hope that the protest within the Horde is stronger.

Small differences, depending on the faction: Another interesting feature of the Quest series is that the dialogues are slightly different, depending on the faction. From the point of view of the alliance players, the attacking blood elves are much more aggressive and attack with a loud roar “Kill them all! For the Sunreavers! “

From the point of view of the Horde, however, significantly more aggressiveness emanates from the characters of the Alliance. There it is Jaina who calls “Kill her!” While she maintains a barrier.

Such a narrative with different nuances, depending on the faction, was already in the Battle of Dazar’alor:

What will happen with Lor’themar, Thrall and Baine, we will probably learn only in the next chapter of the war campaign.

Consider with all information from this article that it is still information from the PTR – that may change until the release.

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