A Legend In Apex Legends Is Too Weak For The Fans, Developers See It Differently

With its now nine legends Apex Legends offers a wide selection of different characters. But not all of them are equally strong, and players find one of them particularly weak. The developers see it differently.

Which legend is it about? It’s about Mirage. The abilities of Mirage include tricks and confusion of the opponent. He works with copies of himself and with camouflage to trap enemies or reveal their positions.

Why do fans find Mirage too weak? According to the fans, it’s these skills that make Mirage useless:

  • his created copy just runs dull in one direction
  • the copies of his ultimate ability are only in circles
  • while disguised, he can not use weapons or other items
  • when defeated, a mirror image appears in its position and it lies disguised next to it
  • Mirage is not really invisible in camouflage, but is still visible as a schema

They are particularly disappointed because in the last patch, the legends Caustiv and Gibraltar got big buffs , even though these buffs did not really bring much . Mirage was apparently “forgotten”.

What are the fans demanding? The fans want to be screwed on the skills so that Mirage does not feel so useless anymore. Especially his ultimate ability was in the crossfire, although the fans even have concrete suggestions for improvement .

In the Reddit thread on the current patch, fans are saying that Mirage is already a buff when its ultimate ability is less than it has been up to now. It would be stronger if he did not become invisible but remained visible. So opponents would not know directly, which is the right mirage.

That’s why there is no buff: In the same thread, however, also a developer responded to the criticism. According to Leeeeeee-RSPN, Mirage’s win rate does not say he needs a buff.

Figures from the beginning of April show that Mirage is one of the most unpopular legends of Apex Legends . At the same time he is also one of the legends with the highest victory rate. Respawn does not see any reason to bail him at the moment and has no plans in the direction.

Do you think Mirage needs a buff?

Players on consoles seem to have quite different problems: